The Glass Stovetop Cleaning Hack You Need To Try

One thing you probably agree with, no matter what type of stovetop you have in your kitchen, is that they're hard to keep clean. One Good Thing says it's one of the most frustrating kitchen cleaning chores. You probably use your cooktop often, which means it can quickly turn into a greasy, baked-on food mess. If you happen to have a flat glass stovetop, you probably know how easy they are to scratch, and the surface of yours might look dull after a lot of use. There are specialty cleaning products and gentle tools you can use (via Good Housekeeping), but sometimes you might find yourself frustrated when they don't take care of your most stubborn messes. You might even run out of your favorite cleaner right when you have a big spill to clean up.

Merry Maids offers a few tips, such as cleaning after the stovetop has cooled and keeping the harsh chemicals away from the somewhat delicate surface. There's an incredible cleaning hack that will make your glass stovetop sparkle like new again, and it's probably not something you're already doing.

Here's the surprising way you can make your glass stovetop shine

Sometimes the simplest cleaner turns out to be the best one. According to One Good Thing, you can keep your glass stovetop looking immaculate by using steam. Turn the dulled, grimy mess into its former gleaming self by harnessing the power of water turned into its gaseous form. Imagine it — no harsh chemicals, no scrubbing, no fumes. You can use a steamer like Sargent Steam or your preferred brand, to blast your dirty appliance with a low steam setting, allowing the heat to do all the work instead of your own elbow grease. After the steam does all the hard work, you can gently wipe off the remains of the baked-on mess with a soft towel. For especially greasy messes, a drop of grease-cutting dish soap could speed up the process.

If you don't happen to have a small steam cleaner, you can try another gentle, scrub-free method of cleaning your stovetop from One Good Thing. Gather white vinegar, baking soda, Dawn dish soap, a spray bottle, a towel, and a scrub brush. Fill the bottle with the vinegar, spray it on your stovetop, then sprinkle baking soda over it. Fill your sink with hot water and a squirt of Dawn, then submerge the towel and wring it out lightly. Spread the towel over your stovetop for 15 minutes, remove it, use the scrub brush to remove any stubborn gunk, wipe the whole thing off.