Here's The Crystal You Need To Get If You're A Scorpio

Scorpios are powerful. Being born around Halloween, you kind of have to be into the ethereal and unknown. That's why you're interested in the healing power of crystals. If you are a Scorpio, you may dabble in tarot and are down for any adventure. According to Cosmopolitan, you're an independent person who loves a good challenge. So, it's time you invest in some crystals to help you support you in your escapades. 

While each and every crystal has its own benefits, you want to make sure you're adding some crystals to your collection that'll really work for you. Since Scorpios are a water sign, you follow your gut (via HelloGiggles). But that can lead to some quick and emotionally led decisions. Instead of following your gut, take some time to choose the proper crystals to help a Scorpio like you feel balanced and supported whenever your emotions are pulling you one way or another.

A smoky quartz and aquamarine crystal will ground you and calm you down

Everyone has experienced those moments when you're completely caught up in your feelings, but as a Scorpio, it happens a lot. Chiji suggests that some black obsidian will help you feel grounded in those extreme moments. If you tend to bottle up your emotions, a smoky quartz is also great for grounding you (via Cosmic Cuts). While it has smoky in its name, it actually helps to clear the smoke and any negative emotions you have inside.

As a water sign, you might want to go with a watery crystal like aquamarine. This is also the birthstone of Scorpios and is said to calm you down. When you're at ease, you'll feel more comfortable communicating your emotions. Another way to help you communicate is to have a sense of clarity, and that's what an amethyst crystal will provide you (via FabFitFun). The purple quartz has a calming effect, which can help clear the negativity that may be clouding up your focus. So, overall, you're looking to clear the smoke and calm down, so you can take on whatever challenge comes your way with ease.