Who Is Maisie Williams's Boyfriend, Entrepreneur Rueben Selby?

We all know Maisie Williams from her breakout role as Arya Stark in HBO's "Game of Thrones". The young star landed the role at just 14 years old and after eight seasons, fans watched her grow up on the set. But the now 23-year-old is no longer a child and has put Game of Thrones behind her — focusing instead on her next ventures, including the recently released X-Men Spinoff "The New Mutants" (via Showbiz CheatSheet).


And with her maturity has come a deep interest in her love life. While for the past few years, Williams has kept her personal life under wraps, the star recently came forward with her newest relationship to Reuben Selby (via Cosmopolitan). Selby runs a modeling agency and between his fashion background and Williams' eclectic style, fans have flocked to the couple.

In fact, it's fashion that has brought the two closer together. In 2019, Williams enlisted Selby to make her a custom dress for the Emmy Awards and according to Elle, the pair has been seen holding hands throughout Paris Fashion Week and at some of London's biggest parties. But who really is this fashion-forward boyfriend of hers?

Rueben Selby is a fashion maven

While Williams is known for her unique fashion choices on the red carpet, Selby is known for his fashion-filled resume. Currently, he is the owner of The Contact Agency, his own modeling agency and the co-founder of Cortex Creatives, a creative agency. But the entrepreneur has dipped his hands into almost everything. "I've gone down a bit more of a fashion route, because I've worked with designers casting for shows and for magazine editorials and my own editorials too," he told Dazed in 2018. "I've assisted a lot of fashion photographers, stylists, and casting directors — I just tried to get as much knowledge of the industry as possible."


According to Cosmopolitan, the pair has not officially come out as a couple but their many appearances together have solidified their romance. We saw them appear together at Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' wedding in matching all-white outfits and at Paris Fashion Week this past September.