How Much Would The Grace And Frankie Beach House Really Cost?

We watch "Grace and Frankie" because we love the dynamic between Jane Fonda's Grace, and Lily Tomlin's Frankie. But let's be honest — we also tune in because that beach house the women live in is stunning! Fans of the Netflix show know that the seniors move into the beachfront property when their husbands, Sol and Robert, played by Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen, come out as gay, and profess their love for one another (via IMDb). Throughout the six-season series, a lot has changed, but one element of "Grace and Frankie" that has remained consistent is, sigh, how gorgeous that beach house is!


Of course, we couldn't help but wonder how much the multi-level, California home would cost in real life. Consider firstly that the home is set in La Jolla on the show, per Cheat Sheet. And according to Zillow, a typical home price in this beachfront community would cost nearly $1.9 million. It's worth noting that the real "Grace and Frankie" house is in Broad Beach, which is a section of Malibu. notes properties in this pricey area cost around $3.2 million on average.

Grace and Frankie's beach house is crazy expensive

The real beach house where Grace and Frankie drink vodka and smoke pot, respectively, last sold for $15 million in 2006 according to Cheat Sheet. And although Grace ran a successful makeup company, Say Grace, and the ladies' ex-husbands are lawyers, um, this price tag still seems pretty hefty!


That said, Fonda could definitely afford the abode, being worth $200 million (via Celebrity Net Worth). Pool that with Tomlin's net worth of $15 million, and buying a La Jolla beach house would be a cinch.

As for Grace and Frankie, perhaps they could have afforded the beach house along with their husbands, when the couples purchased the home as a weekend spot. We don't know and frankly (see what we did there?) we don't care. We just love the eye candy that is the magnificent home.