Here's What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Communication Style

We have all heard the saying "communication is key." That quote rings true for nearly every aspect of our lives, from our relationships and friendships to our careers. Still, it is no secret that people communicate differently (a.k.a. some better than others) based on their personalities, environment, and upbringing. A good communicator will want to talk a problem out. They also actively listen. A less-evolved communicator on the other hand will avoid a conversation as they may associate it with confrontation. They might also talk over you when you speak, or simply disengage from the conversation when it doesn't go their way.

According to astrology, our zodiac sign is a big indicator of whether we are a good or bad communicator. Knowing this information can in turn equip someone with the tools needed to promote better communication skills as they can hone in on the problem within themselves or a specific someone. With that said, here is what your zodiac sign says about your style of communication.

Fire signs speak their mind

Fire signs are known for being feisty and super honest, so, naturally, their style of communication reflects that.

When it comes to communication, Aries signs are quick to speak their minds (per Your Tango). If they are faced with a problem, they would prefer to tackle it within 24 hours (this is sometimes called The 24-Hour Rule) rather than letting it brew. An Aries' timeliness and initiative may appear as a good thing, but can sometimes come off as abrasive, or brash (per Elite Daily).

Popular Leos may sometimes have a split focus as a lot of people demand their time, but when they do slow down for a second, they are great at giving their partners/friends their undivided attention. Overall, they tend to be enthusiastic and consistent communicators — think of them as that partner who FaceTimes their significant other all day long, according to Elite Daily.

Independent Sagittarius signs prefer their communication to be face-to-face, especially if there's something of importance they need to address. Sag signs are aware that texting or calling may distort their message, therefore they would rather analyze a person's reactions in real life before responding, (per Your Tango).

Earth signs like to use their senses

Earth signs prefer to communicate via physical touch. If they're in a relationship, they might also give a lot of gifts.

Grounded Taurus tends to use sweet and innocent physical gestures to express their feelings (think a hug or a hand squeeze). However, even though Taureans offer support or comfort through physical communication, they are aware that others can view this as invasive and will try to respect their boundaries, (per Your Tango).

Virgo signs tend to be very attentive when their partners are speaking, according to Your Tango. They listen carefully and respond with relevant and engaging questions/comments. They might zone out for a second, but return more focused than ever. They are also very good at picking up others' social cues and body language.

Calm Capricorns are known for listening more than speaking. They are patient and will not interrupt anyone without hearing them through. They also tend to really think about what they want to say before opening their mouths (per Your Tango).

Air signs are abstract thinkers

Air signs are quite cerebral and abstract in their thinking, and their communication style illustrates that.

Chatty Gemini will talk your ear off, even if they get their point across, according to Elite Daily. They tend to repeat stories and work out their thoughts out loud. This might exhaust some of Gemini's friends or partner, however, they know they mean well.

Libras are a sign who prefer to communicate via written expression. They are not great with in-person confrontation and are much better at articulating their thoughts through texts, emails, etc. In some cases, putting their feelings down on paper helps them to figure out their own feelings, as well (per Elite Daily).

Aquarians like to put their situations in perspective before they speak (per Your Tango). They will analyze everything objectively and from all angles. They also tend to focus more on the collective experience than on their own individual experience, resulting in them speaking in very general terms.

Water signs are emotional communicators

Water signs are considered to be the most intuitive of the zodiac and don't require a lot of verbalization to pick up on others' feelings.

Cancers are quite animated and emotional and their communication style tends to be also. They are known for shedding tears, both from happiness and sadness (per Elite Daily).

Scorpios might be one of the best communicators in the bunch, as they not only focus on verbal communication, but non-verbal as well (via Your Tango). They are known for being the most perceptive out of the zodiacs, and can easily pick up someone's tone, inflection, and body language. However, this in turn can make them hyper-analytical of every little thing.

Sensitive Pisces communicates with both words and silence, making them hard to decipher at times. They like to go with the flow and their communication depends heavily on how and what they're feeling, according to Elite Daily. Pisces are quite soft-hearted and their sensitivity and shyness is a manifestation of that.