How To Improve Your Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Moon Sign

"What is love?" Shakespeare (and Haddaway) once famously pondered. They were not the first and certainly won't be the last. Fast forward to today and love is conflated by many with the notion of a relationship or commitment. The concept may seem simple enough, however, navigating these romantic relationships while living full and busy lives is no easy feat.

Thankfully, astrology is here to offer some insight, and we're not referring to your main zodiac sign (a.k.a. your birth chart's sun sign), but your moon sign. Everyone has one, and it can be just as insightful as your sun sign when it comes to your love life.

In fact, in the astrology community, the moon has long been thought to rule over our emotions — one past study has even linked lunar activity to psychiatric episodes in patients (via International Scholarly Research Notices) — so this specific part of your natal chart may offer even more perspective on how you give and receive love. As famous astrologers and authors, the AstroTwins, explained on their website, AstroStyle, "The moon sign shapes your emotions and your soul. It colors all the subconscious stuff going on below the surface—your deepest needs, and what helps you feel emotionally secure."

Any good relationship expert will tell you that feeling emotionally secure within your partnership is key, as it fosters open and honest communication, the foundation for any solid couple. Here's how to reach a greater level of understanding of both yourself and your partner based on your respective moon signs.

Fire moons need someone who can handle their passion

Fire signs comprise Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Like the element suggests, fire moons are passionate and intense, especially in relationships.

If your moon is in dynamic Aries, you are likely impulsive and temperamental, and may act on a whim. Though this spontaneity is attractive to many, an Aries moon would benefit most from someone who can handle their ever-changing mind. Ideally, an Aries moon's significant other would be someone who welcomes challenges and enjoys engaging in friendly debates (per Allure).

Glamorous Leo moons are known for being the center of attention and their boldness. They can also be quite gentle and empathetic, mirroring others' emotions which helps put people around them at ease (per Astrostyle). Naturally, a Leo moon's partner would be someone who is on the same wavelength as them when it comes to chasing the spotlight. A Leo moon's proud and expressive nature also requires someones who doesn't shy away from grand gestures.

The last of the fire signs is Sagittarius, also known as the Archer. Similar to a Sagittarius sun, a Sag moon lives for adventure and is constantly trying to quell their never-ending curiosity. A Sag moon is also honest, sometimes to a fault, and very (we mean very) expansive. Therefore, a Sag moon's perfect mate is not only someone who supports all of their wild endeavors, but someone who gives them the space they need to follow their hearts and minds. This person should also share their Sag moon's deep philosophies and intellect.

Emotional intelligence is imperative for earth moons

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn make up the earth signs of the zodiac. Much like our Mother Earth, these signs are grounded, nurturing, and dependable, so, needless to say, these are the qualities they bring to relationships.

Stability-loving Taurus moons are considered to be one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac. They are extremely consistent and loyal, and are oftentimes looked to as the "rock" for their friends and family. However, these attributes may sometimes manifest in a deep-rooted fear of change, according to Astrostyle. Therefore, a Taurus moon's partner should be someone who is not only emotionally intelligent, but can facilitate a secure and unwavering relationship.

Analytical Virgo is all about practicality under the moon (per Allure). This sign is naturally curious about the human psyche, thus making them adept at understanding others, however, they can be closed-off. Virgo moons also pride themselves on being very ethical, which can result in some overly-opinionated remarks. They should seek a partner who is structured, logical, and open-minded to offset their sometimes stoic nature.

Capricorn moons are known for being hardworking and ambitious. They thrive on meeting their goals and put little above success. This tunnel-vision viewpoint, however, can sometimes result in a lack of emotional awareness. That said, a solid partner for a Capricorn moon needs to not only match their ambition, but support their drive (per Bumble).

Air moons would benefit from being more decisive

The zodiac's air signs consist of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These signs are not only fun, flirty, and sociable in relationships (per Cosmopolitan), but cerebral and deep-thinking. 

Free-spirited Gemini moons are said to be the most communicative of the zodiac signs (per Bumble). They are informative, creative, and constantly need to express themselves. However, due to this sign's meticulous thought process, they may struggle with indecision. Gemini moons would benefit from an outgoing partner who is not afraid to take the lead every now and then, according to Astrostyle.

Libra moons tend to love love. Those born under this lunation are tranquil, emotionally balanced, and admirers of all things beautiful. Like their sister air sign, Gemini, Libra moons can oftentimes suffer from indecisiveness. This stems from their hyper-analytical nature, according to Astrostyle. Libra moons can also be perceived as indifferent due to their extreme serenity, and therefore require a calm and perceptive partner who can see them for the chill people they truly are.

Egalitarian Aquarius moons would rid the world of all its problems if they could. These humanitarians have a huge heart, they just don't believe they need to shout it from the rooftops to prove it, according to Astrostyle. They are also proponents of putting the greater good over their own desires, sometimes to their own detriment, as it may come off like they're highly detached. A solid partner for Aquarius moons is someone with strong values who doesn't require huge displays of affection.

Water moons require reciprocated vulnerability and empathy

Tranquil water moons — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are considered to be the most intuitive of the signs. In relationships, they go with the flow, following their hearts.

Caretaker cancer moons are considered to be the zodiac's homebodies. They are sensitive and family-oriented. This sign's emotions are constantly in flux, as they are ruled by the ever-changing cycles of the moon (per Allure). They can also suffer from imbalance as they constantly put others' needs before their own. Cancer moons would benefit from a partner who can help replenish them when they feel depleted.

If there's one word to describe Scorpio moons, it's intense. These signs are known for their all-consuming passion. They are also known for being mysterious and seductive. Their complex nature can be a lot for a lover to handle, so it's imperative that their partner be someone who can handle their strong currents (per Astrostyle). Scorpio moons also require someone who is not afraid to be vulnerable, as they get turned off by surface-level connections.

Dreamer Pisces moons tend to be spiritual, art enthusiasts, and poetic. People under this sign are empathetic and in-tune with others' emotions, according to Allure. They are also known for being the most sensitive of all signs (you guys just feel it all!). Pisces moons should partner up with someone who can help anchor all their intense feels. It's also important that their lover be someone with a gentle heart.