Why Fans Think Micah Plath Has A New Girlfriend

"Welcome to Plathville" is one of the TLC shows that has left a lot people raising their eyebrows. The reality TV series follows the Plath family as they live an ultra-conservative and secluded lifestyle in rural Georgia with nine children (via TLC). While the show got enough positive responses to shoot two seasons (and probably release a third one this year), many viewers question the legitimacy of the family's lifestyle and the parenting style. Some of the Plath children also question their parents' life choices, including Micah Plath.

Their 20-year-old son moved out of his parents home with his sister Moriah to an apartment they showed on the first episode of Season 2. As he started a life of his own, Micah also dove into the world of modeling and signed with an agency that now has him traveling a lot between Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago, per Screen Rant. Micah has since been linked to fellow model Caroline Alexis, though fans are speculating that he might be interested in another model, Helena Parrish. So what has fans questioning Micah's relationship status?

Micah Plath hasn't posted a photo with Caroline Alexis since December 2020

Throughout the pandemic, Micah Plath's modeling career has kept him busy with not much time for a relationship. In an interview with "The Domenick Nati Show" in December 2020, the model opened up about the girl he was talking to at the moment, Caroline Alexis. "I don't want to go into a whole lot of detail because I'm not super sure of how serious I am or how serious it is. But I am talking to someone at the moment, you can see her on my Instagram, but I am not positive on where we are at right now if that makes any sense," Micah said in the interview. He admitted he met Caroline on Instagram, but could not remember whether he or her made the first move.

However, Micah has not posted any photos with Caroline since their trip to Disney World in December 2020, sparking rumors that they might not be seeing each other anymore. However, there has been a back-and-forth of flirty comments between Micah and his model friend Helena Parrish, per Screen Rant. The pair met back when Micah was just starting his modeling career and soon became friends. "I met Helena on my very first modeling job last year. I was still very shy. So I'm very excited to show her my progress," Micah said in an episode of "Welcome to Plathville" that showed the duo's steamy photoshoot. We'll certainly have to keep an eye on this potential pairing, that's for sure.