Caroline Kennedy's Son Looks Exactly Like JFK, Jr.

Have you noticed that Caroline Kennedy's son looks a whole lot like JFK, Jr?

While it probably already blows your mind that Jackie O's granddaughter is basically her twin, believe it or not, another descendant of the Kennedy family dynasty bares a striking resemblance to a famous relative. Over the last few years, Jack Schlossberg, the only son of Caroline Kennedy, has made headlines for his almost uncanny resemblance to his uncle, the late John F. Kennedy, Jr., who died tragically in a plane accident in 1999 off the coast of Martha's Vineyard at just 38 years old.

As if the Kennedy family legacy alone wasn't enough pressure for the average person to shoulder, Schlossberg also has the looks, the Kennedy family swagger, work ethic, and brains, making him someone you definitely need to watch in the years to come. Don't believe us? Well, settle in, because we've got the pictures and all the info to prove it.

Caroline Kennedy's son takes after JFK, Jr., in more ways than one

Dealing with the kind of fame that comes from being a Kennedy can't be easy. But according to friends and family, Caroline Kennedy's son, Jack Schlossberg, is already taking after his late uncle — not only when it comes to his looks, but also in personality and his approach to his famous legacy, as well. "Jack is very much interested in [his uncle] John," a friend told People magazine. "He has an ease and a sense of humor. And he loves being compared to him. John was a rare kind of celebrity who grew up with being famous and had fun with it and didn't let it take over his life." 

Similar to his uncle, Schlossberg isn't letting his family define him, even if he does like being compared to famous uncle. Another friend told the magazine that Schlossberg is "not walking around with a big sign over his head. He's not spending a lot of time thinking about his family's legacy. It's something he's proud of, but it doesn't define him."

Caroline Kennedy's son is protective of JFK's legacy

Even if the Kennedy legacy doesn't define him, Caroline Kennedy's son, Jack Schlossberg, has certainly spent a lot of time honoring the relatives who came before him. In 2011, he wrote a letter to The New York Times criticizing the paper for an article it had written about his grandfather, President John F. Kennedy. 

"[Writer] Mr. Douthat suggests that President Kennedy was a 'near disaster,'" Schlossberg wrote, adding that his grandfather was anything but. He noted the writer criticized his grandfather on civil rights issues, and reminded readers, "Kennedy was the first president to deem civil rights 'a moral issue,' and applied federal authority to force desegregation."

Schlossberg went on to address what he considered a glaring omission by the original article's author. "The president described as 'famously hawkish' resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis peacefully. Mr. Douthat does not mention what President Kennedy called his proudest accomplishment: the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty." 

No, Caroline Kennedy's son is not gay

In 2014, while Jack Schlossberg was attending Yale, his sexuality was briefly called into question after Queerty posted an article alleging he had come out as gay in tweet. The tweet in question linked to an article titled "Being Gay at Yale" in The Yale Herald. But it turns out that Schlossberg, who was a contributor for the Herald at the time, wasn't the person who wrote or shared the piece.

Caroline Kennedy's son quickly shot down the rumors, telling Gawker, "The article was written by someone who impersonates me online. I did not write the article and, for the record, am not gay. Thanks." He added, "I believe the link [to the article] was a fake in the first place." The editors of The Yale Herald deleted the column in question and the supposedly fake Twitter account from which the article was shared was quickly deleted in turn. Well, so much for that. 

Caroline Kennedy's son is super snazzy

Although your ideal college (or even grad school) outfit may have been a relatively clean hoodie and a pair of jeans, Jack Schlossberg seems to put a bit more effort into his attire, especially now that he's in law school. In fact, Caroline Kennedy's son has been recognized for his style, making Vanity Fair's "2017 International Best Dressed List" — quite an accomplishment.

He was featured with the likes of Lebron James, Harry Styles, Donald Glover, Justin Trudeau, and more. His signature look? According to Vanity Fair, the dapper look that helped him land a spot on the "Best Dressed" list is a dark suit with a gray, patterned camouflage tie that he wore to the 2017 Met Gala, which he attended alongside his mother, Caroline, who wowed in a bold look of her own. Of course, Schlossberg isn't always dressed to the nines but, when he is, he sure cleans up well.

Caroline Kennedy's son is a little obsessed with the Prime Minister of Canada

Jack Schlossberg must have been thrilled to have made Vanity Fair's "2017 International Best Dressed List" along with his bro crush, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Caroline Kennedy's son has posted quite a few photos of Trudeau on his Instagram page, generally referring to the Prime Minister endearingly as "boss." 

In one photo posted by Schlossberg, Trudeau is seen balancing a standing baby in one hand. "Trudeau does whatever he wants" is the Google search term in the photo, and the post is captioned with: "whenever he wants. Such a boss!!" In another photo, Trudeau can be seen holding a child on a boat with the caption, "Boss if by land boss if by sea. What a boss." Schlossberg shared several other photos of Trudeau, all captioned with some variation of "boss." However, Schlossberg's infatuation with Trudeau may be more about admiration than anything else.

According to CBC News, not only was John F. Kennedy the youngest person to ever become president of the United States at 43 years old, Justin Trudeau was also one of the youngest Canadian prime ministers to be elected — at 43 years old. Perhaps Schlossberg has similar aspirations?

Caroline Kennedy's son may be the most athletic in the family

Jack Schlossberg is quite the athlete. In an article for The Cut, Schlossberg detailed his five-hour paddle board race for charity around Manhattan. "With beet juice pulsing through my veins and electrolytes and Gu packs strapped to my back," he wrote, "I took to the East River to begin the Sea Paddle, a 25-mile circumnavigation race around Manhattan." Schlossberg ended up placing eighth in his division. 

Much like John F. Kennedy Jr., Caroline Kennedy's son is in good shape. Unlike his uncle, however, Schlossberg doesn't just look the part. In a clip for the documentary I am JFK Jr., Kennedy's roommate, John Hare, explained, "Despite the six-pack abs and the great physique — which he certainly had, and he worked hard for, and he deserved — he was not a great athlete." Another colleague, Gary Ginsberg, added jovially, "He was terrible at touch football." 

Luckily for Schlossberg, he seems to have inherited the good looks from his uncle, but the athleticism from some other member of the family.

Caroline Kennedy's son is an Ivy League graduate

It seems Jack Schlossberg not only inherited the Kennedy family's good looks, but also their brains. According to People, Caroline Kennedy's son graduated from Yale in 2015 "with a degree in history with a focus on Japanese history." Schlossberg's major almost certainly won him brownie points from his mom, who was serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan at the time. People noted that he spent time with his mom in Japan before and after he graduated from Yale.

Schlossberg was heavily involved in his school community. According to People, he contributed blog posts to The Yale Herald, and also trained to become a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician. "Jack sees this training as a way to give back to the New Haven community," a friend told the New York Post in 2013. "Jack's very aware of all the privileges and opportunities that come with his family, so his EMT training has a lot to do with the community-service aspect."

Caroline Kennedy's son goes to school with Malia Obama

While many would be thrilled to get into one Ivy League school, Jack Schlossberg is already on round two. After graduating from Yale as an undergrad, Schlossberg got into Harvard Law School. In an interview with, he said, "Harvard Law School is great. I'm lucky to be here. It's a really difficult, intense experience. But I know so much more than I did the day before I got to law school, so that's a cool feeling." 

Another cool feeling? Walking around campus and seeing buildings and streets dedicated to your grandfather. "My favorite restaurants are on JFK Street, so I definitely notice it," Schlossberg explained, "It's humbling, but overall it's nice that it's just out in the open." Caroline Kennedy's son admitted that he got used to it after a little while.

Despite being a Kennedy, he blends in with the other students. "People are too busy studying to care who you are," Schlossberg said. Although, that rule may not apply to his famous schoolmate, Malia Obama, who attends Harvard as an undergraduate. "I haven't [run into her]," Schlossberg told He reiterated, "I've got no issue [with blending in] compared to her, so I hope she's doing well."

Caroline Kennedy's son has already dabbled in politics

Given that so many of his family members have spent time in Washington, D.C., it felt nearly inevitable that Jack Schlossberg would enter the political arena eventually. He's already off to an auspicious start. The New York Post reported in 2013 that Caroline Kennedy's son served as a summer intern to Senator John Kerry and subsequently as a page on the Senate floor. While on campus, he also co-founded an organization in support of Senator Chris Murphy.

Schlossberg has also publicly voiced his opinions on a number of political issues, including the Syrian refugee crisis, which he wrote about for Time magazine in 2016. That same year, he denounced Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz's self-made comparisons to President John F. Kennedy through an editorial in Politico, and he urged young people to cast their vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton via an op-ed in The Washington Post.

Caroline Kennedy's son co-founded a nonprofit at a very young age

If going to Yale and interning for Senator Kerry wasn't enough to convince you that Jack Schlossberg is going places, try this bit of information on for size: according to Town and Country, Caroline Kennedy's son has already co-founded a nonprofit organization called RelightNY, which reportedly "provides compact fluorescent light bulbs to low-income housing developments and promotes environmental awareness." 

Oh, and the kicker? He and fellow co-founders created RelightNY it when Schlossberg was in eighth grade and the young Kennedy descendant helped raise more than $100,000 to purchase the energy efficient lights the organization provided to the low-income residents to help them save money on their electric bills. What were you doing in middle school? 

He told NBC Today during an interview in 2017 (via the Steeple Times), "I'm inspired by my family's legacy of public service. It's something that I'm very proud of, but I'm still trying to make my own way, figure things out, so stay tuned."