What We Know About Matt James And Rachael Kirkconnell's Secret Meet-Up

Former "Bachelor" stars Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell have fans confused yet again. The couple met on the popular ABC dating series and quickly hit it off. Kirkconnell was a frontrunner from the start as James always seemed to have eyes for the gorgeous brunette (via Us Weekly).

 As James began to eliminate women, it became clear that he had a strong bond with Kirkconnell, and was excited for her to meet his parents. James ended up choosing Kirkconnell as the winner, although he opted not to propose to her in the finale. Sadly, the couple's relationship was hit with drama before they even got to start their lives together. 

While the episodes were airing, some photos from Kirkconnell's past, which were deemed racially insensitive, resurfaced. During the "After the Final Rose" show, James revealed that the drama was a bit too much for the couple to handle and admitted that they'd split. Kirkconnell confessed that she was very upset by the split, and even called James the love of her life. Following the breakup, James revealed that he needed to do some work on himself before being in a relationship with anyone. However, he and Kirkconnell have been making headlines for their post-breakup meetings, per Page Six.

Matt and Rachael spotted together again

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell can't seem to stay away from each other. Earlier this month, Kirkconnell was spotted letting herself into James' Manhattan home (via Page Six). Now, the pair have been together yet again in California. James and Kirkconnell were photographed by paparazzi as they hit up JuneShine in Santa Monica on Saturday, per TMZ

The "Bachelor" star wore a bright blue-hooded sweatshirt and a pair of shorts as he sported some dark sunglasses and a thick beard. Meanwhile, Kirkconnell rocked a black top and a pair of shorts with white sneakers. Although they didn't show any PDA, they did look to be enjoying each other's company.

According to People, neither James nor Kirkconnell have commented on their alleged reunion. However, sources claim that the pair are working on their romantic relationship and that things are heating up between the duo again. "He's been telling her he loves her and has never felt this way for anyone else before," the insider dished. "After the scandal, he said it would take time for them to work on themselves separately, but he wanted to get back together one day and still pictured a life for them together, with a family and everything." Meanwhile, Kirkconnell was said to be supportive of James following their public split. "She supported him," the informant added. Fans are now keeping their eyes open for more sightings of the couple.