How To Take Care Of A Pothos Plant

Like easy-care succulents, a pothos plant is one of the best plants for a gardening beginner. They're gorgeous, as green as can be, and probably one of the easiest plants to not kill. Seriously, ask any seasoned gardener and they'll tell you they have about 12 hanging from their living room cabinets. Now pothos have a lot of different names such as devil's ivy, golden pothos, money plant, and their scientific name, Epipremnum aureum. Originally from southeastern Asia, they're found literally everywhere, including any nursery you find yourself near. It's identified by heart-shaped, waxy leaves on vines that can be multiple feet long. Also, they're typically different shades of green and yellow (via Britannica).


Along with being easy to identify, their care system is one of the most low-maintenance out there. From the busy professional to college student stuck in a cramped dorm, the pothos plant can work for anyone.

A pothos plant thrives with ideal light and water conditions

As for the proper lighting, pothos plants can handle almost any. But the light they love the most is bright, indirect sunlight. This can be provided with either a north or east facing window. In case you don't know how to tell which direction your window faces, pop out the compass app on your phone! If you have a south or west facing window, then it'd be best to put your plant either in another part of the house or on a cabinet about 10 feet away from the window, so that it doesn't get too much direct sun. It can also grow with florescent lighting, so the possibilities are endless (via Plantophiles). 


As for watering, you only have to water these houseplants about once a week, making sure the roots get plenty to drink. Something else to keep in mind is that it's highly toxic to both cats and dogs. So keep your pothos plant out of reach of your furry friends (via The Spruce)!