How To Take Care Of Senegalese Twists

This is the protective hairstyle manifesto. Senegalese twists have made serious waves in the natural hair community because of their versatility, and the fact that anyone can pull them off no matter your hair type, length, or texture. Even the hair you use for these rope-like twists is flexible. Depending on your preference, you can install your Senegalese twists using glossy, synthetic hair like Kanekolan, or opt for a more natural, voluminous look with Marley hair (via Byrdie).


When they're taken care of correctly, Senegalese twists can last for a long time. Some protective hairstyle enthusiasts would argue that they only get better the longer they're in, though natural hair blogger Sabrina Perkins warns that you shouldn't leave them in past two and a half months, tops (via Seriously Natural). In order to prevent breakage, be intentional about the hair care routine you put in place for your twists. Here's what you need to do to protect your Senegalese twists.

Keep your Senegalese twists looking fresh with these simple steps

Per Global Couture, don't skip out on deep conditioning your Senegalese twists. Wash your scalp regularly using a spray bottle and then apply your favorite deep conditioner. Depending on the length of your Senegalese twists, using a spray bottle to clean and condition your roots will significantly cut down on your hair drying time since you're not wetting your entire hair.


Be careful with your hair drying methods, since it's entirely possible for your twists to develop a mildew-like odor, according to Natural Hair Rules!!!. Instead of letting your twists air dry, set your blow dryer to "cool." This will actually help your hair set longer, as reported by Insider

For a finishing touch, moisturize your Senegalese twists using a DIY blend of your favorite hair oil, leave in conditioner, and water. Regularly mist your roots and the ends of your own natural hair (via Global Couture). At night, wrap your hair up with a satin scarf to avoid flyaways, per Cosmopolitan.