Aldi's Uplifting 'Flower Challenge' Has The Internet Buzzing

Aldi frequently makes news cycles for the fabulous deals and unique seasonal finds, but right now there's an even happier reason you'll be seeing Aldi in the headlines — introducing the Aldi flower challenge. Shared in a press release to Mashed, the idea is simple:

1. Buy a bouquet of flowers.

2. Bless a stranger in the store with your purchase.

Consider this a bit like those pay it forward lines at your favorite local coffee place. Shoppers are purchasing an Aldi bouquet — which start at only $3.99 — and simply gifting this purchase to an unsuspecting stranger. With hopes of bringing smiles to many, this uplifting idea is just what we all needed after 2020. This trend could have have been started by Aldi themselves, a group known for encouraging random acts of kindness like this shopping cart courtesy, but the idea actually stems from social media fans of the grocery giant.

Meet the shoppers of "Aisle of Shame," a website and Facebook group with more than 630,000 followers (via Facebook). Named after the infamous center aisle of limited-time-only impulse buys, this group of fans decided to give back to their communities with some simple flower happiness, and the trend quickly took off.

Aldi's flower challenge is the talk of social media

Upon seeing their idea take off, group posters quickly shared an article from Mashed, with one member linking to the piece and writing, "We're in the news! [flower emoji]" (via Facebook). Another member follows up, noting, "We are a force for happiness [smile emoji, heart emoji]." Enjoying both this simple idea as well as all the enthusiasm, another poster comments, "It is great that such a gesture is a blessing to someone who is not expecting anything but getting groceries! The price tag for kindness is truly priceless!! Ladies and gentlemen you are amazing."

This low-cost but effective way to share joy may bring more than just the warm fuzzies. Science actually shows that practicing gratitude can have benefits to your social-emotional, mental, and physical health (via Nationwide Children's). So while a few people aren't on board or have had less positive experiences, the chances for joy are high. Describes another member, "This community has been very positive to be proud of! Nothing like making someone you dont know smile and brightening their day! However the feeling you are left with the entire rest of your day or even week means so much more to the giver of this simple act. With all the negativity in our world to think one little act can grow to be overwhelming positive is something pretty remarkable [heart emoji]."

In other words, take a moment to spread kindness and joy in your community today.