Who Is Mark Foster, Julia Garner's Musician Husband?

You may not know who "Ozark" star Julia Garner's husband Mark Foster is at first, but once you realize which band he's the lead singer of, you'll probably lose it. Remember the iconic song "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People, that everyone jammed to 2011? And how disturbed everyone was when they realized what the song was about? Well, Mark Foster is the lead singer and one of the founding members of the alternative pop band, Foster the People. At 18, he started a solo career, releasing multiple songs like "Sorry Little Lucy" and "Polartropic" (via USA Today). 

In 2008, he landed a gig as a commercial jingle writer for the record label Mophonics, but soon found himself dealing with a heap of writer's block (via YouTube). Continuing his solo career, he came out with an album entitled "Solo Songs" (via Genius). The following year, he formed the band Foster the People with Mark Pontius and Jacob "Cubbie" Fink.

Their first song, "Pumped Up Kicks," was released in 2010 and became a smashing success. The song put them on the map and got them signed with Columbia Records. Over the years, they released the albums "Torches" in 2011, "Supermodel" in 2014, and 2017's "Sacred Hearts Club" (via The Independent). As for their latest project, in late 2020, they released the EP called "In The Darkest of Nights, Let the Birds Sing." Fans are now itching for more from the alternative band (via American Songwriter).

Julia Garner and Mark Foster married in 2019

Mark Foster and Julia Garner's love story is as adorable as they are. They met at the Sundance Film Festival (via POPSUGAR). During an interview with Vogue, Garner talked about the connection they discovered the first time they spoke. "In our first conversation, we realized that my grandmother lived in the same small town that his dad lives in, just outside of Cleveland." Apparently, the two would rendezvous in Cleveland over the years, creating a tradition. After some time, they decided to get together.

In 2019, Foster proposed to Garner on a trip to Yellowstone National Park in Montana. Garner also recalled the proposal in the same interview with Vogue. "He read me a poem he had written to me, and when he finished, he dropped to a knee and asked me to marry him." If that doesn't melt your heart, nothing will. They got married later that year in a small ceremony on Dec. 27, 2019 (via Instagram).