Where You've Seen The Cast Of Younger Before

When "Younger" first hit our screens in 2015, we were instantly hooked. After all, what's not to love? The show, written by "Sex and the City" creator Darren Starr, takes us into the glamorous world of a New York City publishing house where a 40-year-old divorcee from New Jersey poses as a 26-year-old woman to get a job as an assistant (via IMDb). The show features iconic characters, a scintillating love triangle, fierce female friendships, and of course, an array of candy-colored clothing that will leave you desperate to spruce up your own wardrobe.

"Younger" is fun, touching, and totally addictive. And while you probably recognize Kelsey as Hilary Duff, the rest of the cast might look a little less familiar. It turns out, the amazing "Younger" cast features plenty of well-known faces from Broadway and TV — and we bet you'll be shocked to find out where you've seen them all before.

Sutton Foster, who played Liza on 'Younger,' is a famous Broadway star

Sutton Foster plays Liza Miller on "Younger," the show's central character. If you're a fan of musical theater, you probably already know all about Foster's impressive stage resume. Her career really took off in 2000 when she starred as Millie in "Thoroughly Modern Millie." She went on to star in numerous Broadway classics including "Funny Girl," "Chess," "Little Women," "Shrek the Musical," and "Anything Goes." In 2021, she was set to star in a revival of "The Music Man" (via Broadway World). As she told Shondaland, that was her first return to the stage since 2014.

If you aren't a fan of theater, you may still recognize Foster from her TV work. In 2012, she starred as Michelle in the short-lived ABC series "Bunheads." As Foster told BuzzFeed News, "Younger" was the perfect project to take its place. "What was great about Michelle Simms on 'Bunheads' is she was holding on to her lost youth and so I understood what that was," she explained. "In a way, with this character [on "Younger"], playing someone who is revisiting her youth ... was something that I could understand and wanted to explore."

Hilary Duff, who played Kelsey on 'Younger,' is better known as Lizzie McGuire

Hilary Duff is perhaps one of the most recognizable faces on "Younger." She plays Kelsey Peters, a young editor who befriends Liza when she joins the ranks at Empirical Publishing. Just about everyone with a television set will know about Duff thanks to her career-defining turn as Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel. She then released a series of pop albums, and starred in films like "A Cinderella Story," "Cheaper By The Dozen," and "Cadet Kelly" in the early 2000s.

Duff's acting career continued on with a recurring role in "Gossip Girl" as Olivia Burke and guest roles in "Community," "Two and a Half Men," and "Law & Order" (via IMDb). It's safe to say that Younger marked Duff's second-biggest role to date.

As Duff told Time, it wasn't easy for her to break away from Lizzie McGuire. "There's definitely a stereotype because of my past, starting so young and people growing up with me," she revealed. By the sound of things, Duff has managed to move past the stereotypes thanks to "Younger." In 2021, she was announced as the star of "How I Met Your Father" (via Variety).

Nico Tortorella, who played Josh on 'Younger,' is an actor who's open about his relationships

Nico Tortorella stars as Josh on "Younger," a hot young tattoo artist who becomes a major love interest for Liza. Viewers may remember Tortorella as Jacob from "The Following," as Trevor from "Scream 4," or as Felix from "The Walking Dead: World Beyond." For Tortorella, "Younger" is definitely their biggest claim to fame (via IMDb).

In addition to their roles on screen, Tortorella has also made headlines for identifying as gender neutral and for their open marriage. As they explained to Attitude in 2020, they met their wife in college and the pair have supported each other as they both explored their sexualities. "I'm married, yes," Tortorella shared, "but I love dating one person at a time. I have a partner in LA that I've had for a long time, but I'm not his only partner; he's not my only partner."

As Tortorella told Byrdie, they also wrote a book called "All of It Is You." "The book is about falling in love with yourself in its entirety — the good, the bad, and everything in between," Tortorella revealed.

Peter Hermann, who played Charles on 'Younger,' has impressive credits under his belt

Peter Hermann plays Charles Brooks on Younger, the head of Empirical Publishing and the older, more sensible love interest for Liza. Hermann has enjoyed a long career; he landed his first professional role in 1997 as Dr. Michael Burke in "Guiding Light." He then went on to appear in "Law & Order," "30 Rock," "The Good Wife," and "Philomena" to name a few.

Despite his steady career, Hermann hasn't always felt secure as an actor. As he told Fox News, "I think because we're all, I think, sort of vaguely traumatized by the long audition process and so many 'nos' that we have gotten throughout our career, we've developed a pretty thick skin ... But we just keep on trucking along."

Hermann wasn't always an actor, though. In fact, as he told Forbes, he once worked as a fact checker at Vanity Fair and even conducted a few celebrity interviews. Then in 2018, Hermann published his first children's book, "If The S in Moose Comes Loose." Sounds like Hermann has a lot in common with his "Younger" character!

Miriam Shor, who played Diana on 'Younger,' also starred in 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'

Miriam Shor plays Liza's boss and Empirical's Head of Marketing, Diana Trout on "Younger." The statement necklace-wearing character begins as an ice cold boss, but eventually shows herself to be a true icon thanks to her dry humor and her reluctant softening. Shor may not immediately look all that familiar, but as fans of musical theater will know, she made history as the original Yitzhak in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" off-Broadway (via Playbill). She also reprised the role for the film.

As Shor told the Chicago Tribune, her theatrical training helped her embody the role of Diana. "I've always felt that [Diana's clothes were important] on such a basic level," she explained. "I've worn some incredibly heavy jewelry for this character and I've bled and I've been bruised just because it's so right for Diana." Wow, talk about suffering for your art!

In 2019, Shor directed an episode of "Younger," which marked another big step in her career. As she told Harper's Bazaar, Diana's confidence actually helped her take the leap. We can't wait to see where this new-found confidence brings Shor next.

Debi Mazar, who played Maggie on 'Younger,' has taken on roles as acerbic New York women

On "Younger," Debi Mazar plays Liza's old friend and roommate, Maggie. Maggie is a queer artist from Brooklyn who lives a decidedly bohemian lifestyle.

Mazar couldn't be better cast in the role. In fact, she's well-known for playing similarly acerbic and bold New Yorkers. After a career as a dancer in music videos for the likes of Madonna and The Doors, Mazar got her first big break on screen in Martin Scorsese's "Goodfellas." She went on to star in films by Spike Lee, "Empire Records," "Singles," and "Entourage" (via IMDb).

As Mazar explained to NYC, Maggie felt like the perfect role. "I am similar to Maggie in the sense that I am a great friend to have and will give you the shirt off my back," she revealed. Of course, Mazar did have to do some preparation for the role. "I also spent time with a dear friend of mine named Yvonne Casas," she continued. "She was a beautiful, Cuban lesbian who was an artist and the most incredible dresser ... I channeled her every morning on my way to the studio."

Molly Bernard, who played Lauren on 'Younger,' was new to the industry when she landed the role

Molly Bernard plays Lauren on "Younger," the young, social media-obsessed friend of Kelsey known for her bold, sometimes shocking approach to life as a Millennial. Bernard may not be a household name, but she's certainly not new to acting; she landed her first role in 2000 as Molly in "Pay It Forward." Since then, she's appeared in "The Intern," "Transparent," and "Chicago Med" (via IMDb). By the looks of things, Bernard's career is chugging right along.

As the actress told producer Robert Peterpaul, she'd always wanted to act. "My grandfather, Joseph Bernard, had an acting school when I was growing up ... I began studying with him when I was 6," she recalled. Bernard went on to study at Yale Drama School where she developed a precise acting technique.

For Bernard, "Younger" was a huge surprise. "I genuinely thought it was a one-off," she said of the pilot. However, when the show got picked up, Bernard re-auditioned for the part and Lauren was eventually elevated from recurring character to main cast. We have to say, we can't imagine anyone else filling her shoes!

Charles Michael Davis, who played Zane on 'Younger,' has appeared in many TV shows

In 2017, Charles Michael Davis joined the cast of "Younger" as Zane, a young editor who becomes Kelsey's competitor and love interest. Davis will be a familiar face for fans of "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals," as he plays Marcel on the show. You might also remember Davis as Blair from "Chicago P.D.," as Dr. Jason Myers from "Grey's Anatomy," or as Kwan from "The Game" (via IMDb).

It turns out, Davis might just have a casting type. As he told Assignment X, his character on "The Originals" is "charming and diabolical and he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve." Is it just us or could that also be a description of his character on "Younger," hmm?

Luckily for Davis, he got to play these two charming young men at the same time. As he shared with Collider, "It's just a trip for me, being an actor and going from one series to the other, in between breaks. I'm a series regular on two different shows, which is really cool because I remember when I wasn't a regular on anything."

Phoebe Dynevor, who played Clare on 'Younger,' made a splash on 'Bridgerton'

It would be pretty hard to have a television in 2021 and not recognize Phoebe Dynevor. Shortly after appearing on "Younger" as Josh's Irish love interest Clare, she went on to star in Netflix's smash hit "Bridgerton" as Daphne. You may also recognize this actress for her work in "Snatch," "The Village," or "Waterloo Road" (via IMDb).

For Dynevor, "Bridgerton" was a life-changing role, but she never got to experience the fame that came with it due to the pandemic. "I still don't quite believe the show is as big a success as it is," she confessed to Glamour. While she didn't get to revel on red carpets and in TV interviews, she got straight back to work after "Bridgerton" with the final season of "Younger." "It was a really strange experience," she told Deadline, explaining how they had to wear masks everywhere on set. "I didn't see my character's new boyfriend's face until we were filming a scene together, which was really bizarre."

With another season of "Bridgerton" already confirmed, it's safe to say we'll be seeing a lot more of Dynevor in the future.

Tessa Albertson, who played Caitlin on 'Younger,' has acted on stage and screen

Tessa Albertson plays Caitlin on "Younger," Liza's college-aged daughter. While Caitlin and Liza have a lovely relationship, she isn't always an easy child — you might remember that namaste tattoo or that time she dated her college professor. "Younger" is probably Albertson's biggest role to date, although she has appeared in "The Good Wife," "Law & Order," and "Instinct" (via IMDb).

While Albertson may not look too familiar, fans of Sutton Foster have probably come across her before. It turns out, Albertson played the teen version of Fiona in "Shrek the Musical" on Broadway back in 2009, alongside her mother in "Younger" — Foster played the adult version of Fiona. It's pretty adorable to think that "Younger" saw these two reuniting after working together years earlier.

Albertson also appeared as Natalia in "Generation" on HBO Max in 2021 — we can't wait to see what else she does next!

Chris Tardio, who played Enzo on 'Younger,' started out on 'The Sopranos'

Chris Tardio plays the lovable plumber Enzo who eventually marries Diana on "Younger." Tardio is pretty much perfect for the role of the Italian-American Enzo; in fact, he has a long history of playing Italian New Yorkers. His very first role in 2000 was as Sean in "The Sopranos." Tardio then appeared in several well-known New York-based shows including "Sex and the City," "Law & Order," and "CSI: NY." One of Tardio's biggest roles was in the 2015 Marvel series "Daredevil," in which he played Detective Blake. After that, he appeared on "Ray Donovan" and then, of course, "Younger" (via IMDb).

Acting isn't the only thing that takes up Tardio's time. As he told ManWithoutFear, he spent his time during the COVID-19 pandemic "keeping busy writing, painting." Apparently, Tardio even has his own film about ska music in the works. And, in 2020, Tardio presented his own photography exhibition. As the press release read, "Chris is interested in combining his love of nature with his passion of writing and is working on a book of poetry to coincide with his new exhibition of photographs." Talk about a multi-talented guy!

Laura Benanti, who played Quinn on 'Younger,' is better known as a stage actress

Lauren Benanti joined the cast of "Younger" as the billionaire Quinn Tyler. While she may not be everyone's favorite character, it's hard to fault Benanti's performance. Additionally, you've probably come across Benanti before. On screen, she's taken on guest roles in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," "The Good Wife," "Nashville," and "Supergirl." You may also remember Benanti for her comedic portrayal of Melania Trump in sketches on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," or for her portrayal of Elsa in the 2013 live TV broadcast of "The Sound of Music" (via IMDb).

Of course, Broadway fans will know Benanti as a stage star. Her credits include Maria in "The Sound of Music," Cinderella in "Into the Woods," Claudia in "Nine," Louise in the revival of "Gypsy," Amalia in "She Loves Me," and Eliza in "My Fair Lady" (via Broadway World). Basically, this woman works non-stop.

TV and theater aren't the only mediums Benanti has conquered, either. In 2019, Benanti told Broadway World, "I'm currently shooting more movies, which feels really exciting." Sounds like we'll be seeing a lot more of her after "Younger."

Dan Amboyer, who played Thad (and Chad) in 'Younger,' once played this famous royal

Dan Amboyer appeared in the first few seasons of "Younger" as Thad, Kelsey's boyfriend. After Thad's death, he reappeared as Thad's twin, Chad. Amboyer did a pretty good job of portraying the sleazy, handsome Thad. 

While "Younger" is probably Amboyer's biggest screen role to date, you may also remember him from the popular 2011 Hallmark movie "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance," in which he portrayed the future king, Prince William. The actor has also appeared in a few theatrical productions over the years.

But these days, Amboyer seems to be focusing more on directing. As he explained to Playbill in 2019, he had just made his directorial debut with off-Broadway play "Whirlwind." "I've never been so nervous for a first preview in my life," he said of the experience. Amboyer added that he'd been an actor in the first workshop of the play, which incidentally also starred his "Younger" co-star Nico Tortorella.

Michael Urie, who played Redmond on 'Younger,' starred in Ugly Betty and numerous stage shows

Michael Urie plays Redmond on "Younger," the sassy author's agent who pops up periodically throughout the show. You may recognize Urie for some of his other TV roles; most notably, he starred in "Ugly Betty" for four years as Betty's nemesis, Marc St. James. He's also had ongoing roles in "Partners" and "The Good Wife" (via IMDb).

Urie is also well-known, like much of the "Younger" cast, for his stage work. His turn as Arnold Beckoff in the Tony Award-winning "Torch Song" on Broadway is particularly popular amongst theater fans. Urie also starred in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," "Celebrity Autobiography," "Pride Plays," and "Grand Horizons" (via Broadway World).

For Urie, his stage work seems to be both the most challenging and the most rewarding. As he told Interview, "The theater is a place that doesn't always but can reward hard work and tenacity, unlike television ... I ended up on 'Ugly Betty' because it was a just a good match, not because I'd earned it." Whether he earned it or not, we're definitely glad he fit right into "Younger."

Jennifer Westfeldt, who played Pauline on 'Younger,' has quite a few roles under her belt

Jennifer Westfeldt appeared on "Younger" as Charles' ex-wife, Pauline. Initially, she and Liza struck up a friendship as Liza was editing her book, but their friendship soured when she found out about the budding relationship between Liza and her ex-husband.

Westfeldt may look familiar to many viewers as she's appeared in dozens of other films and TV shows. Most notably, she starred in a series of her own films that she wrote and acted in: "Friends with Kids," "Kissing Jessica Stein," and "Ira & Abby." She also appeared in both "Grey's Anatomy" and "24" (via IMDb). Like many of the other "Younger" cast members, Westfeldt has also done her fair share of theater work in New York (via Broadway World).

In addition to her work as an actress, Westfeldt had another claim to fame for a while: she was married to none other than Don Draper himself, Jon Hamm; the pair split in 2015 (via People). But just looking at her impressive career, it's clear that unlike her character in Younger, Westfeldt has never been in any danger of letting her ex-husband outshine her.