The Best Gifts For Crafty Moms

Every Mother's Day, children everywhere are in need of the very best present for the very best parent. If you're at a complete loss for what to get your mom, you're not alone. Finding that special something is never an easy task, especially if you have a one-of-a-kind mom.


If your mom is used to crafting everything herself, it can make it even more difficult to decide what's best to buy. For the mom who's much more into DIY than BUY, we're here to help you out. With our assortment of amazing products, any of these gifts can easily help her take her craft to a whole new level — and that's not even the most amazing part. Since you may be cutting it close to the big day, you don't have to worry about absurd shipping prices. All of these gifts are available through Amazon. Overnight shipping, anyone?

So what are you waiting for? Read on to uncover the very best ideas for crafty moms.

Candle making can put any DIY mom in a good mood

You can never go wrong with buying a candle. However, it only makes sense that your crafty mom would love to make one for herself. For that, a candle making kit is the way to go this Mother's Day.

This specific one from Nature's Blossom comes with three amazing aromas that anybody will love — lavender epiphany, lemon blossom, and soothing chamomile. Each candle will last her around 20 hours, but, trust us, it will take her a lot less time to make them. The kit makes the entire process easy for anybody who's only just discovering the calming pastime that is candle making. If your mom has never melted wax and put in her own wick before, this Mother's Day may be the time to start, too. According to a recent study by DIYS, candle making is one of the most relaxing hobbies that actually can help decrease your heart rate (via Country Living).


Purchase the Nature's Blossom candle making supplies kit on Amazon for $45.99.

Here's how you can give your crafty mom a helping hand

Your mom is the one who has given you a helping hand your entire life, so why wouldn't you want to give her one back? For less than $40 on Amazon, a hand casting kit could be the ultimate gift for your crafty mom. Not only is it a great way to make memories, but it's something you can even spend time doing together. One reviewer — who is also a mother — raved about it, writing, "It is so special to me because I can have the size of their little hands forever." If you thought money couldn't buy special memories, think again.


It's not easy being a mom, but a personalized present from her favorite person is the greatest way to make her day. After everything she's done for you, she deserves a round of applause. Let's hand it to your mom — literally.

Purchase a Discovering DIY hand casting kit on Amazon for $39.99.

A crafty mom may want to make her own Mother's Day jewelry

The number of kids buying jewelry for their moms has continued to increase year after year. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, it's one of the most purchased gifts for Mother's Day. While many people may turn to jewelry as a present for their mom, there's an even better idea out there for those who have crafty ones. Why not give them a way to make their own?


This Craft Crush trendy bracelet making kit comes in two different colors to choose from. Each kit includes supplies to create eight bracelets. No matter if someone prefers to wear beads or braids, there are a multitude of ways to make each one — and unlike a professional jewelry maker, no special equipment is required. While an instruction manual is included, your mom can make whatever she has in mind. "After all, it's your personal preference and you're the one wearing it," one reviewer wrote. So if you're stressed about finding the perfect piece of jewelry for Mother's Day, just offer the crafty mom in your life the chance to make her own — or make the bracelets together!

Purchase a Craft Crush bracelet box kit on Amazon for $29.99.


Crank up mom's craft game a notch with neon paint

If your mom's medium of choice happens to be fabric, it's time to get funky. By purchasing neon fabric paint, she can punch up her projects like never before. A kit from Neon Nights offers eight colors, giving your mom all she needs to stand out this Mother's Day. This paint is pretty phenomenal, too. This neon fabric paint can withstand the washing machine and the ironing board, making it easier than ever to keep her precious projects intact.


At the end of the day, the paint will make a statement, too. It glows in the dark. In fact, one reviewer took a blacklight and totally rocked her block with the stuff during another one of her other favorite holidays, Halloween. "Painting cheap Halloween decorations to enhance the 'spooky' factor," she wrote, "and [it's] working."

Purchase a Neon Nights neon fabric paint kit from Amazon for $14.99.

Mom can draw to her heart's desire in her own flip book

If you have a mom who likes to draw and doodle, look no further than a set of blank flip books from Oaktown Supply to help bring her illustrations to life. And when she's all done with one, the fun has only just begun. This specific pack comes with a total of six books to create completely different illustrations in, and hundreds of reviewers on Amazon are loving it. As a highly rated product with a low price of $13, how could you possibly go wrong purchasing it for Mother's Day?


In addition to a flip book being a fun gift, it's also a pretty functional one. Studies have shown again and again that doodling is actually an excellent way to decrease stress levels and improve the brain's focus over time. In fact, pretty important people tend to doodle. Over half of our U.S. presidents have been doodlers, according to Harvard Medical School. Yes, your present can actually be kind of presidential.

Purchase Oaktown Supply flip books from Amazon for $12.97.

Mom doesn't need a sewing machine if she has some fabric markers

You may have a mom that's not the best when it comes to a sewing machine, but don't let that stop her from tackling clothing crafts. With her own set of permanent fabric markers from Crafts 4 All, she'll easily be able to wear and share her own masterpieces without having to master the sewing machine first. 


This set of 24 markers is a bestseller online. Their fine tips can help create the most intricate designs that mom has in mind. They last through the washer and dryer, too, so you could say that these permanent markers are as permanent as her love for you!

For the perfect Mother's Day care package, just add in a canvas tote, plain white tee, or anything else that your mom can doodle on. She'll be happy that you had her sense of style — and safety — in mind. After all, sewing needles and pins account for most of the nearly 10% of women's hospital visits resulting from "other hand tools and implements" not including knives or machinery like lawnmowers (via Monash University). Taking a trip to the hospital is definitely not the way you want to end Mother's Day. These markers make things much safer!


Purchase a set of 24 Crafts 4 All fabric markers from Amazon for $12.99.

Help your crafty mom make permanent memories with epoxy resin

To help preserve all of your crafty mom's precious memories, you could give her an epoxy resin kit from Roxy Epoxy. Unlike her favorite old photographs, items made from this kit won't turn yellow over time. The resin is even scratch-resistant too, so you both can continue to make messy memories.


From the simplest and smallest crafts to more enormous projects like updating the top of a wooden table, this kit is the way to go. It includes two bottles, measuring cups, and plastic gloves, perfect for someone just starting out with epoxy resin. In fact, it even includes 24 different color powders so she can dye any project she pleases.

If you're feeling really lovey-dovey, you could even include a bouquet of flowers to go along with it. You know, so mom can epoxy those, too. It's a Mother's Day gift that she will be able to cherish forever — literally.

Purchase a two-quart Roxy Epoxy epoxy resin kit from Amazon for $49.98.

Here's a way for your mom to craft a brand new family tree

For less than $20, your crafty mom can wrap up her Mother's Day gift again and again. This Craft-tastic yarn tree kit can keep her occupied for hours. It comes with a wire tree that she can spend time covering up with all sorts of colorful yarn. When she's done, she can put her pretty family tree on display as a constant reminder of her favorite child who bought it for her — you.


Though the kit comes with its own yarn to use, your mom can get even more creative by tying in fake flowers, leaves, or even lights to make her shrub shine. One reviewer's finished tree now lights up her life. "Once finished, I added some wire LED lights and voila," she wrote. For a more practical application, your mom can use her finished piece to hang car keys, photos, or even measuring cups. It can also be a fashionable way for her to display all her jewelry — you know, the stuff you'll buy her for all of the other Mother's Days.

Purchase a Craft-tastic yarn tree kit from Amazon for $19.12.

Mom won't mind the mess when she's making slime with you

If you have a mom who likes to make her own stuff, Mother's Day may be the best time for slime. For less than $24 on Amazon, you can order her the ultimate create-your-own kit from Discovering DIY. With glitter and glow-in-the-dark powder included, mom can make all the gop and goo exactly the way she wants, getting all her kids involved in the fun, too.


Slime has been a popular product ever since young YouTubers started making it on camera in the 2010s. With slime videos receiving hundreds of millions of online views since then, there's a reason slime has stuck around. Not only is it a fun craft to do alongside your kids, but it's pretty therapeutic, too. Playing with slime "is very similar to other tools that are often employed by therapists, most commonly journaling," clinical psychologist Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones said in an interview with Dazed. Like journaling, squishing around slime distracts your mind and can actually make stress symptoms less severe. Even if your mom has never been interested in slime before, it could be the fun stress reliever she has always needed. Think of it as a thank you gift for her putting up with you all these years!


Purchase Discovering DIY's all-inclusive slime making kit from Amazon for $23.79.