Here's What Makes The Psychic Sisters Different From Other Sisters - Exclusive

Everyone's family is unique, but few are as unique as the sisters on TLC's newest show, "Extreme Sisters." As Howard Lee, president of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, told Discovery: "In Extreme Sisters, we will introduce sets of inseparable sisters whose bonds are raw, honest and perhaps a little unconventional. Their sibling kinship brings the meaning of sisterhood to a whole other level!" Christina Manning and Jessica Dunagan, nicknamed "the Psychic Sisters," are a prime example of the type of "unconventional" relationships TLC explores in the show.

But, as the sisters told The List in an exclusive interview, it took them a long time to even realize how special their relationship was. "We were almost kind of naive to it," Jessica said. "We didn't know any different ... it's our normal." But what is it that makes Christina and Jessica so unique? From their special psychic abilities to their eerily parallel lives, here's what makes the Psychic Sisters different from other sisters.

Christina and Jessica from Extreme Sisters are different because of their psychic abilities

Perhaps the biggest reason Christina and Jessica are so special is because they have psychic abilities. They can feel other people's energy, read one another's minds, see the future, and even use Reiki to charge their food. "We use energy to basically create our lives," Jessica told The List. "You're taking energy and you're transferring it from your mind into a thought, and that into energy for your hands. And then you're putting that energy into the food before you consume it. But it's all about vibrations. Everything's vibration." 

Christina expanded on their abilities, saying, "We're actually intuitive together so we can feel each other's energy. So it's like telepathy for each other, but then we also can see other people's futures ... and each other's. We like to butt into each other's business a lot with our psychic abilities."

Many of Christina and Jessica's glimpses into the future have come true. For example, Christina predicted Jessica's divorce. "She was like, 'I want to have another kid with my husband,'" Christina revealed. "I said, 'No, you're going to divorce next year.'" And she did. The sisters also foresaw their mother's death. As Christina tells it, Jessica came into her house one day and announced, "Mom's going to die of cancer soon." Sadly, they were correct again, as their mother died from cancer just months later.

The Psychic Sisters are unique in their parallel lives

Not only do Christina and Jessica predict each other's futures, but they also seem to share the same one. Or, at least, they have the exact same past. "We've lived parallel lives. So we were always married at the same time and single at the same time," Christina explained.

Jessica added that they were also "divorced at the same time" and "pregnant at the same time." Which is true. Both sisters were married, divorced, and pregnant together. Now, they live just a few blocks away from one another and are raising their children together.

What makes "Extreme Sisters" so exciting is that the cameras were rolling for the very first time in the sisters' lives that they were in different places. "This is the first time in our life where she's remained single while I've had a relationship," Christina revealed. The fact that one is single and one is in a relationship is tough enough for Christina and Jessica, but, as Jessica told The List, "What makes it harder is the fact that I'm psychic and I read minds." 

"So she wants to butt into my relationship," Christina finished. "I'm trying to just have a healthy relationship with my partner and still have a relationship with my sister. And that created a lot of challenges. Plus I think that it was just really hard for us because we're so used to being inseparable and really close. And I had to share my time with my boyfriend and my sister. So that created some challenges."

"Extreme Sisters" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.