The Psychic Sisters Reveal What Viewers Can Expect On Extreme Sisters — Exclusive

As a network, TLC has almost always put headline-making, drama-filled reality TV first. From the classics like "A Baby Story" to more modern hits like "90 Day Fiancé," viewers can always expect a wild ride when they turn on TLC. And the network's newest show, "Extreme Sisters," is no exception. "Extreme Sisters" is pretty much what the title says — a show about sisters who take their relationship to extreme heights, whether that means sharing a home or a husband, or, in the case of Christina and Jessica, sharing psychic abilities.

Dubbed the "Psychic Sisters," Christina Manning and Jessica Dunagan have lived "parallel lives," per Discovery. They discovered their psychic abilities together, got married at the same time, went through pregnancies together, and even got divorced at the same time. With such interesting backgrounds, what could possibly come next? The List sat down for an exclusive interview with Christina and Jessica, during which they revealed what viewers can expect on "Extreme Sisters."

Christina and Jessica reveal how they came to be on Extreme Sisters

Christina and Jessica ended up on "Extreme Sisters" in the same way many reality TV stars get famous these days — through YouTube. "We actually were scouted from Bodega, the production company," Jessica told The List. "They saw a video that we had put on YouTube five years prior [in which] we were Reiki charging our food and thought that was really interesting. And so they contacted us." She went on to add more detail to their discovery, saying, "They liked the fact that we were spiritual. They've seen our dynamics together in the videos and like, 'Wow, these sisters are really close. There's something different about them. There's something unique.' And they reached out to us and then here we are."

Christina and Jessica also pointed out that TLC had another connection to them and their abilities beyond their YouTube channel. "What makes the story even more fun is the casting director actually found my website to get a psychic reading and actually contacted me to get a psychic reading to even get ahold of me. I thought she was just a client" Jessica said, laughing. Christina went a little deeper, adding that the casting director was "spirit led" to them.

Christina and Jessica go through some big changes on Extreme Sisters

Christina and Jessica feel they were made to be on TV. "We forgot that the cameras were even there," Jessica admitted to The List. "They came at a really interesting time when our life was taking a lot of twists and turns. And they were just there to capture that." This "interesting time" the cameras were there to capture? That the sisters are, for the first time, in different places in their lives. Christina explained: "This is the first time in our life where she's remained single while I've had a relationship."

Fans that tune into "Extreme Sisters" will get to see Christina begin a relationship with her boyfriend, and, as she said in the interview, the sisters "navigating" this new situation and "figuring it all out together." Which will certainly be interesting. Especially since Christina went on to reveal that Jessica "wants to butt into [her] relationship. I'm trying to just have a healthy relationship with my partner and still have a relationship with my sister. And that created a lot of challenges," Christina added. "Plus I think that it was just really hard for us because we're so used to being inseparable and really close. And I had to share my time with my boyfriend and my sister. So that created some challenges."

Viewers will also get to see how Christina's new man deals with his girlfriend's unique sister relationship. As she said in the interview: "My boyfriend, it was a new experience for him. He had never dated a twin. I was his first relationship plus it's with a twin and you guys are this close. So I think it was really strange for him too."

It's all about sisterly love in TLC's new series, "Extreme Sisters," premiering Sunday April 25th at 10 p.m. ET.