Here's How To Find The Right Signature Perfume For You

Ever wanted to find the perfect scent for you? Well, lucky for you, here's the go-to guide! You'll be able to find the right fragrance for you in no time.

But before you head to the nearest Sephora with these tips and tricks, you need to know why finding the fragrance is important. Per Flare, fragrances not only enhance your attraction, but they're also a necessity in everyday routine. You wouldn't leave the house without your deodorant or house keys, the same applies to your perfume. "Fragrances truly become a signature for you—it's a part of who you are," Maxime Poulin, a Guerlain International Beauty Expert, told the outlet. "[Whether] you're a person who likes to wear perfume only for yourself or you want to announce your presence [with your scent], I think you're not truly ready if you're leaving the house without a fragrance."

When trying out different fragrances, you must understand that simply spraying and sniffing a fragrance is not the best way to use your scent (via Flare). Instead, before you even grab a bottle of perfume, you must know what type of perfume you like and are looking for. Per Perfume, there are four different fragrance concentrations. The higher the concentration, the more fragrant the scent is, and the longer it lasts, the outlet added. Also, if you want a long-lasting perfume, it's going to be more expensive, so be prepared to dish out a few more dollars (via Perfume).

You should only try two to three scents at a time

Once you figure out which concentration you'd like to wear, the next step is trying on perfumes! Instead of using your wrist as a tester of the perfume, you must use a blotter (via Flare). A blotter will help you smell the scent better!

After spraying the perfume on the blotter, leave it to rest for two to three minutes before smelling, per Flare. And, don't simply smell directly from the blotter, but wave the blotter around your nose, so you can get an authentic scent, the outlet added.

So, you like the scent on the blotter? Now it's time to try it out on your skin. However, only place the perfume in fragrance-free spots such as your inner forearms (via Flare). And, use the same technique with the blotter — spray it on your skin and wait a few minutes, so you can get the authentic scent of the perfume. "All fragrances have a top, a heart, and a base note," Erwin Creed, a seventh-generation French perfumer at House of Creed, told Flare.

Lastly, try to only smell two to three fragrances at a time, per Flare. You don't want to overwhelm your nose, which can confuse the scents. "I would recommend narrowing it down to three fragrances," Michelle Carlone, a perfume expert, said. "[Just] so you don't overwhelm [yourself]; because once you start spraying 10 different scents, you're going to forget [how each one smells]."