The Best Romantic Comedy Movies Of 2021

Our love lives might not be as interesting as we wished right now, but rom-coms are the perfect way to make up for it. With a perfect mix of love, drama, and tears, rom-coms help us disconnect from reality to step into beautiful loves stories that make us smile in the end. Lucky for us, the popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have no shortage of romantic comedies this year so that we can binge watch as many as we want. We're loving that there's a push for more diversity and inclusion in Hollywood, which is being reflected more and more in the rom-coms reaching our home screens.

Whether you like stories about high school lovers, classic Disney fairytales or sci-fi rom-coms, 2021 comes with lots of new titles to suit every taste. Here are some of our favorite movies of this year which we think you'll love too.


While there's been a million renditions of the fairytale "Cinderella," we're really excited about the latest one. Starring Camila Cabello, in her film debut, the movie will give a modern twist to the Disney classic. The remake has an A-class cast, including Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, and Pierce Brosnan (via Elle). Porter, who is set to play Cinderella's fairy parent, revealed in an interview with CBS that his character will be genderless. "It hit me when I was on the set last week, how profound it is that I am playing the Fairy Godmother — they call it the Fab G," Porter told the outlet. "Magic has no gender." Another deviation from the original story is that this time around, Prince Charming will take the name of Prince Robert, interpreted by British actor, Nicholas Galitzine, per Deadline. While there's no trailer yet, the movie's expected release date is July 16, after being delayed because of COVID, per Elle.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Could you imagine reliving the same day over and over again? That's exactly the life of protagonist Mark, a teenager stuck in a time loop with no apparent way out. One day, while going through his daily routine, he meets a girl named Margaret who is also trapped in the time loop. They start hanging out together and figuring out a plan to escape the loop. The duo believes that if they create a map of all the tiny perfect moments in their day they will be able to break free. We won't give more details, as to avoid spoilers, but we'll just say there's a happy ending that will make all their efforts worth it.

Mark is played by Kyle Allen, who you may know from Hulu's "The Path" or "American Horror Story" and will be part of the upcoming remaking of "West Side Story," which we can't wait to see (via PopSugar).

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

The last installment of the trilogy "To All the Boys" is a feel-good conclusion of a love story that went through a roller-coaster of emotions. The relationship of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky (played by Noah Centineo and Lana Condor) is put to test as the couple finishes high school and gets ready to commit to college. Problems begin after Lara Jean doesn't get accepted into Stanford with Peter, so she has to choose between going to UC Berkeley and staying close to her boyfriend or moving across the country to attend New York University.

For anyone with wanderlust, this movie is for you. Lara Jean's journey of self-discovery takes place through several cities, including Seoul and New York. The shots of South Korean street food and the Empire Estate could well be part of a tourism ad. We might not be able to travel physically, but at least we can follow Lara Jean's footsteps around the world.