The Best Gifts For Young Moms

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This has been a rough year for many mothers, whether they are new to the game or have had kids for a while, and this makes Mother's Day especially meaningful.

Moms do a lot. The job's about a lot more than nursing and changing diapers, too. It's everything — from making sure everyone is happy and healthy to doing activities to help their little ones learn — so moms often don't get to spend a lot of time focusing on their own needs. That's why a great gift for a mom is something that makes her own life easier. Whether you give her something to help her engage in some self-care, get more comfortable, or be just a little bit more relaxed, there's no doubt they've earned it!

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for young moms. While some may seem to be geared towards the baby, they'll absolutely provide less worry for the mom! Help make her life a bit more manageable and peaceful, and maybe afford her a bit of rest and respite. Can't beat that as a gift!

This rose quartz roller is perfect for the young mom who needs some pampering time

When it comes to pampering the young mom in your life, nothing will do the trick quite like a gorgeous rose quartz roller. At-home facials are all the rage, and this rose quartz roller from Sdara Skincare is perfect for maintaining smooth skin. So, how does the Sdara rose quartz roller stand out from the pack? The Sdara roller is "like a massage for your face" and "irons out" potential or formed wrinkles in the skin. It is specifically designed to address puffiness and helps to reduce the size of pores. 

An added benefit to the Sdara rose roller is that it helps enhance the moisturizers and skin care products that you already use — think of the roller as giving your favorite serums a new lease on life. Don't believe us? Maybe Sdara's 400,000 happy customers will convince you that this is the perfect gift for the young mom in your life.

Buy the Sdara Skincare rose quartz roller on Amazon for $14.97.

If skincare products are on a young mom's wish list, opt for this perfect gift

Every mom knows that finding the time to go get a facial is next to impossible. If the young mom in your life is overrun with responsibilities and just can't make it to the spa, give her the microdermabrasion tool from Sdara Skincare. It will work wonders, and it won't cost you much. What's amazing about the Sdara microneedle derma roller is that it is painless, is safe, and leaves the skin looking flawless. It uses "firm yet gentle pressure" to target pores and wrinkles, and when used with different skin care products and serums, the results are even better. 

Sdara is the first to point out that getting this kind of quality skin care at the spa can cost hundreds, so this really is the perfect gift. A thrilled customer on Amazon put it best. "This is the first review I've ever left on Amazon. For this product, I just had to," they wrote, adding, "I'm so happy." So you heard it here — the Sdara microdermabrasion tool is a must-have.

Buy the Sdara Skincare microneedle derma roller on Amazon for $13.57.

Nothing screams organization for a young mom like the perfect daily planner

People say that moms know everything and have planned for every situation. And while that's probably true, it isn't always easy to keep track of everyone's comings and goings. So if the young mom in your world needs a little bit of help, buy her the Simple Elephant daily planner from Papercode. This adorable notebook is perfect for the mom who needs a little bit of help organizing her day. What's great about this particular planner is that it also comes with a vision board and pages to jot down what you're grateful for, so it's uniquely designed for productivity and wellness. 

The planner is made with soft leatherette material, making it perfect to carry around with you. It features no-bleed paper, so there's no need to worry about what pen to use. It also comes with bookmarks, a loop to hold your favorite pen or pencil, and an inner pocket for all the scraps of paper you want to hold onto. The Simple Elephant planner also comes with stickers to "pinpoint your priorities, achievements, and aspirations."

Buy the Simple Elephant Daily Planner from Papercode on Amazon for $17.99.

Help her keep organized with a quality diaper bag

The greatest gift you can give a young mom is help keeping organized. That's why a diaper organizer is a great gift idea, because it keeps all her important items for herself and her baby organized and close by. Parents refers to a diaper bag, in fact, as a baby item you can't live without!

This Ozziko diaper bag with stroller attachments can be attached to any stroller, or simply carried on her shoulder or worn as a backpack. That's a lot of options. This is a bag that's meant to be comfortable, but it has a lot of bang for its buck. Whether she wants to carry snacks, wipes, or diapers, it'll all fit in there and be easy to grab. It's also insulated, so what needs to stay cold will stay cold!

"This was the PERFECT addition to our stroller for our Disney World vacay! It held drinks, snacks, 5 ponchos, a first aid kit, a stroller rain cover, sunblock, glow sticks, and various other goodies throughout the trip," reads one five-star Amazon review. "This is my new stroller staple!"

Purchase the Ozziko diaper bag from Amazon for $25.99.

Keep a young mom's family safe with a backseat mirror for her car

When a mom's driving, there's no cargo on board that's more precious than her little one. A large adjustable mirror ensures she can keep an eye on her baby while also keeping an eye on the road. The So Peep shatterproof baby backseat car mirror is adjustable, meaning she can pivot it to any angle she needs to keep the backseat in full view. This will also make it easier for the baby to see her as she drives, which will hopefully keep the kid calm and content.

The best gifts are those that are easy to assemble, and this one requires no assembly and can be installed in seconds. All that she needs to do is attach the straps to the headrest, tighten the straps, and then adjust the mirror to her ideal position.

"I would give this product ten stars if I could. These mirrors are large and sturdy and the swivel allows you to position it perfectly," reads one Amazon five-star review. 

Purchase the So Peep shatterproof backseat mirror from Amazon for $29.99.

Maintain a mom's privacy with a double-duty car seat cover

Car seat covers are one of those great assets you never know you need until you have them. A car seat cover is sort of like a baby canopy and can protect the baby from too much sun when out and about, while also protecting them from bugs and germs. But some car seat covers do more. The Cool Beans Baby car seat cover doubles as a nursing cover, so mom can nurse discreetly and comfortably, no matter where she is.

A five-star review on Amazon reads, "I've had this for 5 months now and the material still looks great even after several washes. It still looks good as new. The material is very stretchy and it is thick enough to protect my baby from the sun." Another satisfied customer wrote, "I love this nursing cover! With it, I am not embarrassed to nurse my baby in public. It gives me the confidence to nurse anywhere."

Purchase the Cool Beans Baby car seat cover from Amazon for $14.97.

Help her get comfortable with a pregnancy pillow

If you know a pregnant woman, chances are she's having some trouble getting comfortable. Besides trying out some of the best ways to sleep during pregnancy, one solution may be a pregnancy pillow — which, according to RMC Health System, can "help you fall asleep, and stay asleep for longer." What expectant mom doesn't want that?

The Restorology full-body pregnancy pillow is perfect for a soon-to-be mom because it's made to align to the natural contours and shape of her body. This helps to support a pregnant body, though it's actually good for any body that is having trouble finding a comfortable position when resting.

Moms are giving this pillow five-star reviews on Amazon. One woman tried the pillow while six months along in her pregnancy, and raved, "I finally decided to get a pregnancy pillow and it's truly been a game-changer. Yes, I still wake up in the middle of the night to pee, but my quality of sleep is deeper, more restful, and my growing belly and tired body feels much more supported and comfortable with this one piece to wrap around me."

Purchase the Restorology pregnancy pillow from Amazon for $44.99.

Keep a young mom prepared with replacement keys for magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are safety latches that keep cabinets and drawers closed until a special key unlocks them. It's a great way to childproof a home, but life happens and sometimes keys get lost. Luckily, Eco-Baby universal magnetic keys can help. A three-pack is available on Amazon, perfect if your magnetic key has been lost or broken, or you want to keep extras handy just in case.

These keys are so easy to use too — just touch the magnet against the lock and it'll open, giving you fast access to your cabinets or drawers!

Amazon reviewers love how affordable, durable, and easy to use these keys are. "These things are AWESOME! Anyone who [childproofs] their home knows how much of a nuisance it can be, so having three extra ones is extremely helpful!" said one reviewer who gave her purchase five stars and noted how durable the keys were.

Purchase the Eco-Baby pack of three magnetic keys from Amazon for $9.99.

Give the mom in your life a spa day at home with a face mask

Sometimes it's easy to forget that once upon a time we associated masks with beauty treatments, not pandemics. It's time to embrace masks for self-care again!

The PerfeCore facial mask with gel beads is perfect for spa treatments right at home and can be stored in the fridge, keeping it chilled so you can soothe skin, reduce puffiness, and shrink pores whenever you'd like. It can also be heated up in the microwave if you'd rather use it to prep the skin before a deep clean or to help ease a headache. You can also use it to help relieve shoulder, neck, or back tension. Perfect for a young mom who needs a little help relaxing!

"Great product...I actually bought to use for cooling my skin during a rosacea breakout, it's very soothing. I appreciate the soft cloth side that rests on your face and the Velcro fasteners so you can use sitting up or walking around," reads one five-star Amazon review.

Purchase the Perfecore facial mask with gel beads from Amazon for $15.99.

Relieve a mother's stress with a massage gun

Life can be hard, especially these days, and sometimes a mom's budget and schedule doesn't allow for a trip to the spa. A massage gun can be a great gift idea for the young mom in your life, helping to relieve knots and stress. The Vybe pro-model percussion massage gun gets the job done, as its pulsating vibration works its way into muscles to relieve those aches and pains.

The massager has nine speeds, so she can choose the level of intensity she needs to relieve sore muscles. Plus, it boasts eight attachments so users can enjoy a deep tissue massage right at home. The massager is also compact, so she can bring it with her if she needs to travel.

"I'm amazed at the effectiveness of this massage gun," one customer wrote in their five-star review. "After just two nights of use, I'm already seeing results."

Purchase the Vybe pro-model percussion massage gun from Amazon for $127.49.

Keep a young mom's feet cozy with slipper socks with grippers

There's nothing like a cozy pair of socks to keep feet warm on a chilly night, and these super cute slipper socks are lined with fleece and have a really comforting fuzzy slipper feel. So if the young mom if your life likes to stay toasty, then Luther Pike Seattle cable slipper socks with grippers are a great gift idea.

Besides them being warm and cozy, the slipper socks are also extra safe — their bottoms have rubber grips, which are perfect for avoiding slips and falls. 

Amazon reviewers love them. "These house booties are outstanding," one happy customer shared, noting that the socks aren't "too tight." Another wrote in a review, "We recently moved to a house with hardwoods, which make my feet very cold. I tried wearing socks, but kept slipping on the floor. These work great!"

Purchase a pair of Luther Pike Seattle slipper socks from Amazon for $13.95.

Help her sleep with a weighted blanket

Give the young mom in your life a better night's sleep. This Quility weighted blanket from Amazon, available in weights between 5 and 30 lbs, is great for relaxation — but also wonderful for maintaining temperature control so she can sleep better and more soundly. The weighted throw blanket contains a bunch of micro glass beads that work together to make sure that pressure is evenly distributed.

A big part of choosing the right weighted blanket is to make sure you choose the right size and weight for the person's body, so the blanket is comforting and relaxing but not too heavy. Quility recommends specific blankets based on your weight in their blanket's product description. 

"I've read about weighted blankets for the last few years, and finally took the plunge," one reviewer shared in a five-star review. "After a lot of research, the Quility blanket had all the features I wanted: especially the lower weight option (I'm about 125 pounds). Other positives are price, cover, and glass beads for weight. After about a week of use, I definitely fall asleep a lot faster and stay asleep during the night."

Purchase a Quility weighted blanket from Amazon starting at $39.99.