Here's What It Really Means When You See A Blue Jay

Springtime is the favorite season for bird-watchers. Our feathered friends are busy making nests, singing their songs to claim their territory, and foraging for food to bring to their babies. Spotting certain birds in the wild can be indicative of many things, like the season and the region (via Audubon). But if you are a spiritual person, sightings of certain birds can also have deep and powerful significance. Birds are sometimes seen as messengers from a higher realm, and different birds are said to carry different messages to those who see them. Some are even said to be "omens" or to be predictive of certain life events or outcomes of particular situations in people's lives (via Otherworldly Oracle). Everything from Eagles to Crows have their own significant meanings.


So what does it mean if you see the unmistakable color and familiar head crest of a blue jay cross your path?

What it means if you see a blue jay

Blue jays have multiple meanings for those who believe in bird omens and augury. Because blue jays' behavior indicates that they value companionship and community, they are often said to represent neighborly, community support (via Your Tango). In this case, seeing a blue jay could be a sign you need to evaluate your closest relationships and maybe also how you're feeling about your immediate community. Blue jays also represent creativity, mental clarity, and intelligence. Because of blue jays' vibrant color and recognizable song, people feel they are a reminder to express ourselves fully, to bare our true colors to the world, and to take pride in the unique songs we sing.


Blue jays are also quite brave and can even be considered aggressive — when they are attacked by a predator, they don't retreat, fly away, or hide, they go on the defensive and fight for their territory, mates, and babies (via California Psychics). As such, seeing a blue jay is also associated with loyalty, fierceness, and passion. You may want to reflect on how you are currently responding to a situation that makes you feel threatened. Trust in your power and your ability to stand up for what matters most to you.