What We Know About Karla Mosley

"The Young and the Restless" fans were taken aback in April of 2021 when popular character Amanda Sinclair got a new face for a few days. That new face belonged to Karla Mosley, an actress who is no stranger to the CBS soap opera world.

Karla Mosley is a New York-born actress who earned her BFA in drama at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and made her television debut in 2003 in the children's program, "Hi-5," according to LiveAbout.com. While she has appeared in television series like "Gossip Girl," "Castle," and "Hart of Dixie," she truly made a name for herself in the daytime television world when she took on the role of Maya Avant on the CBS soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful," in 2013.

Mosley played a groundbreaking daytime role in that Maya was a transgender woman who became half of a popular pair and married one of the leading men of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Rick Forrester (played by Jacob Young), according to Soaps.com. She remained with the show until 2019. In 2020, Maya was taken out of the opening credits and not seen again on screen.

Karla spoke to the original Amanda Sinclair before taking the role

Karla Mosley, whose stardom helped make a dream come true when she sang the national anthem at Dodger's Stadium in 2016 (via Soaps In Depth), told Soap Opera Digest she was surprised when she was offered to play Amanda Sinclair for "The Young and the Restless" - if only for a little while.

Mishael Morgan, who usually plays Amanda, had suffered an injury that resulted in emergency eye surgery, forcing her to take time off from the show, according to Soap Central. "The call came completely from out of the blue, in my little quarantine bubble,," Mosley told Soap Opera Digest. "Of course I was so sad to hear about Mishael, and just happy that it wasn't anything more serious than what it was. I do love CBS shows, and I've worked near these Y&R folks for so long and now I was asked to be on their show. It was such a beautiful phone call to receive."

Mosley actually spoke to Morgan before taping her scenes. "The only hesitation that I had about doing this is that I was stepping into such big shoes because Mishael is so beloved and such a wonderful human and actor," she gushed. "It was great that I could talk with her and say thank you for leaving me such a wonderful path to follow. I also told her, 'I'll be happy when you're healed and able to return.'"