Camilla Bowles May Take Over This Role For Prince Philip Following His Death

In the weeks following Prince Philip's death, it's been made clear that Queen Elizabeth will not step down from the throne to make way for her son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Bowles to ascend to the monarchy. "She understands that she has a job to do, and [Philip] would have wanted her to crack on," a source has said.

But with the absence of her husband by her side, there is room for certain members of the royal family to step up. For instance, Charles is expected to fill in for his father at certain official events. Likewise, Camilla may take over for Philip when it comes to an event related to one of his passions — horses.

According to Town & Country, Camilla shares an equine devotion with her late father-in-law, having learned to ride horses as a child, and continued to adore them. So, it makes sense that when the Royal Windsor Horse Show returns in July, Camilla might take over for the important role of president, which Philip filled for three decades (via Express).

Not shockingly Twitter is divided about Camilla as a choice to take over for Prince Philip

As Express notes, it was royal expert Dickie Arbiter who suggested that Camilla take over as president of the Royal Windsor Horse Show on Twitter. "So pleased to see the #RoyalWindsorHorseShow is back again, this year from 1-4 July," he said, adding, "Sadly its President, The Duke of Edinburgh — who did so much for the show — is no longer with us. Perhaps the #RWHS should consider approaching The Duchess of Cornwall to be its new President."

Of course, as is expected, Twitter had its thoughts about this choice, with many comments echoing the sentiment of this one: "I would've thought the Princess Royal would have been the equestrian choice?"

It's well known that Philip's daughter, Princess Anne, is also a horse lover. In fact, Biography hails her "groundbreaking equestrian career," with the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip having competed since age 11.

But others were in favor of the idea of Camilla filling Philip's shoes for the event, with one tweeting, "wonderful suggestion."