The Makeup Products That TikTok Makeup Artist Mikayla Nogueira Can't Live Without

Mikayla Nogueira has only been posting videos on TikTok for about a year, but it's her "refreshingly real approach" that has earned her success in the form of four million followers, as noted by Allure. Nogueria rose to TikTok fame after posting a 60-second clip on how she covers her acne. After posting that clip, Nogueira gained a whopping 300,000 followers, and her following has only continued to grow.

Nogueria told Allure that her initial acne-covering video got 15 million views. "I was in a crazy state of shock," she said. "I had to seize the moment so I just kept posting."

There's no doubt about it, Nogueira has built an impressive following thanks to her simple, easy-to-follow, interesting content that speaks to makeup junkies across the world. Her reviews have led to makeup fans to the best palettes on the market, and her simple catchphrases make her videos fun and uplifting. As per Allure, Nogueira is a prime example of how staying true to yourself on social media can pay off. It's clear that a lot of people love Nogueira's content, but out of all the products she's tested out, which ones can't she live without and why?

What are Mikayla Nogueria's go-to base products?

When it comes to her makeup routine, Mikayla Nogueria certainly incorporates a diverse range of products. It seems like she's tried hundreds of products, but she has a couple of go-to base products that are certainly worth checking out. 

A skincare staple for Nogueria is the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer. She explains that it perfectly grips makeup to skin, enhancing product longevity. One of Nogueria's go-to base products is the Nars Radiant Wear Foundation. In a video on TikTok where she ranks her favorite high end makeup must-haves, Nogueria explains that she loves this foundation because it is radiant, offers medium to full coverage, and lasts extremely well.

Other product favorites of Nogueria's include the Nars Laguna Bronzer, the Laura Mercier Setting Powder, and the Hourglass Vanish Concealer. In a TikTok video, Nogueria explains that the Hourglass Vanish Concealer not only comes in the perfect shade for her skin tone, but that the applicator that comes with the product is fantastic. She also points out how well it applies product to the skin, as well as the amount of coverage that the concealer offers.

Benefit Cookie Highlighter is another makeup bag must-have for Nogueria. She explains that while the product doesn't get much hype, it's one of the very best highlighters she's ever used. As someone who loves a strong glow, Nogueria explains that she's also a big fan of the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand, which she applies three dots of and then blends with her fingers, before repeating the process for an added highlight.

What makeup products does Mikayla Nogueria swear by for eyes, brows, and lips?

While a lot of beauty enthusiasts aren't big fans of the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes, Mikayla Nogueria explains in a TikTok video that she loves them, particularly the Huda Beauty Nude Palette (that she says goes really well with green eyes, like hers). Another must-have product for Nogueria is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Liner, which she claims is the best liquid liner she's ever used. For a non-liquid liner, Nogueria suggests using the Urban Decay Legend Tight Liner.

When it comes to her lashes, Nogueria swears by Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Top Push Up Lashes mascara. She explains that she "get[s] compliments every time I wear this mascara — it is the best one for my lashes."

Nogueria is also a big fan of the Benefit Brow Pencil and Brow Gel duo — her brows are consistently a staple in her makeup looks, so this product is a must-have. As for her go-to lip products, Nogueria loves the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Top Lip Liner and Liquid Lipstick. An added benefit to Nogueria's videos is that she shares skincare tips and tricks, which are so important after wearing makeup for the whole day (remember, the skin on your face is different to the skin on your body, and should be treated with care). 

One thing's for certain about this makeup artist — her influence and expertise will only grow from here.