The Latest Developments In The Lady Gaga Dognapping Case

Five people have been arrested following the theft of two French bulldogs in Los Angeles that belong to pop sensation Lady Gaga (via Page Six). According to prosecutors, alleged gang members James Jackson, Jaylin White, and Lafayette Whaley have been accused of shooting Lady Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer, and each face charges of attempted murder and robbery for the botched dogs-for-cash scheme that occurred on February 24. 


Elsewhere, Jennifer McBride and Harold White have also been charged as accessories to the crime. As the BBC reports, McBride returned the stolen dogs to the police two days after the theft and shooting took place, shortly after the "Poker Face" singer had offered a $500,000 reward for the dogs' safe return. 

"Detectives were able to establish McBride had a relationship [with] Harold White," a Los Angeles police press release stated, which also confirmed that all four men charged were "documented gang members."

Lady Gaga's dog walker revealed the extent of his injuries

Per The Independent, the LAPD revealed that Jennifer McBride had "reported that she found the dogs and responded to the reward email to return the dogs," and eventually "brought the dogs to LAPD Olympic Station." 


In the press release, the Los Angeles Police Department also explained that they do not believe the suspects had targeted the dogs because of their famous owner, but were instead allegedly motivated by "the great value of the breed of dogs."

Ryan Fischer, who was working for Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta) at the time of the robbery and shooting, had been walking the three French bulldogs in Hollywood when the alleged gang members pulled up in a car, shot him in the chest, and stole two of the dogs. The third dog, known as Asia, was left unharmed at the scene (via the BBC).

Speaking on Instagram in the wake of the attack, Fisher opened up about his recovery and the extent of his injuries. "I look back at my exit from the hospital and smile that I continue to approach each day the same way," he wrote at the time. "The journey is hard, it's assuredly painful, and questionable choices that no longer serve me like wearing skinny jeans are made. But I try. And somewhere within that I find the absurdity and wonder and beauty this life offers us all."