Here's What To Plant In Your Garden To Actually Save Bees

When's the last time you saw a bee colony? If you're scratching your head, trying to come up with an answer, then you know it must have been a while. That's because bees are in danger of extinction (via One Green Planet).


The introduction of genetically modified crops, stronger pesticides, and other artificial substances have hurt the bee population, significantly, the outlet added. And, with the bee colonies severely damaged, the food supply has been shifted too! But no worries because you can help save the bees right in your garden.

According to One Green Planet, planting certain crops can attract bees. For example, planting herbs such as borage, catnip, dill, lemon balm, and more will attract bees to your garden. The more bees you have, the more pollen is produced, the outlet revealed.

And, if you're not into planting herbs, you can also plant blue, purple, and yellow flowers, per Gardeners. The outlet revealed that many bees are attracted to certain colored flowers, so planting daisies, zinnias, and asters will surely bring the bees. Plus, these flowers will make your garden shine with beauty.


Planting fruits and vegetables will bring bees

It's not just herbs or flowers that'll attract bees, but also fruits and vegetables too! According to One Green Planet, bees love cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, and other vegetables. As vegetables need to flower first before becoming the product we eat, bees are attracted to the flowers they produce.


Planting certain types of fruit, such as Royal Gala apple and cherry trees will bring a lot of bee colonies, One Green Planet reported. Planting vegetables and fruits will not only get you fresh produce, but also help the bees! A two-in-one.

But, before planting any vegetables, fruits, or herbs, it's important to create a habitat (via Gardeners). A neat habitat will actually prevent bees from nesting and settling down, so your garden needs to be filled with dry grasses, reeds, and deadwood, the outlet added.

Lastly, remember to create diverse plantings, as this will attract different bees throughout the year, per Gardeners. The more bees you attract, the greater chance you have of saving the colonies!


You have the chance to save the bees! All you need to head outside and garden.