What The Cast Of 'That '70s Show' Looks Like Today

"Hello Wisconsin!" We heard that iconic line for eight years while "That '70s Show" was running on our televisions from 1998 to 2006. "That '70s Show" followed a group of teenage misfits in the 1970s who live in a boring, suburban town in Wisconsin. The show went on to be a huge commercial success, with over 15 Primetime Emmy nominations, and even a win under their belt (via IMDb). Even after the show's end, it still has a huge cult following to this day. After the show's ending, all of the stars went on to work in Hollywood. The show skyrocketed actors Mila Kunis' and Ashton Kutcher's careers, and become the groundwork for steady careers for the rest. Some became humanitarians, while some stayed in the film industry, while others faced some legal issues. And if you're not a super die-hard fan, you may have lost track of the gang over the years.

Topher Grace is now a father

For eight seasons, we laughed at Eric Forman's debacles and cried at his breakups with Donna. As fans know, Topher Grace left after the seventh season and briefly made an appearance in the finale. But why? Simply because he wanted to pursue other acting jobs. Throughout his time on the show, he made cameos in hit films like "Ocean's Twelve" and "Mona Lisa Smile," but he wanted more. In 2004, he starred in four films alone, and that's when he decided to leave the character behind. Soon after, he starred as Venom in "Spiderman 3" (via Screen Rant). Even after his character left, Grace has been getting steady work in Hollywood. Throughout the years, he's been in films like "Interstellar," "War Machine," and "BlacKkKlansman." Most recently, he's one of the main characters in the new show, "Home Economics," and he seems quite happy with where he is now (via IMDb).

As for his personal life, he's happily married and a dad! In 2014, he started dating fellow actress Ashley Hinshaw, and within two years, the couple got hitched. And soon after the wedding bells came their first child, Mabel Jane Grace, who was born on November 1, 2017. Then, in early 2020, the couple announced that they had their second child in quarantine (via Page Six).

Laura Prepon never stopped working on TV

Who could forget the redheaded, feminist icon that is Donna Pinciotti? And who could forget the gorgeous actress, Laura Prepon, who played her for eight years? As a fan favorite, people wanted more of Prepon on their screens. And Prepon hasn't left our TV screens since "That '70s Show"'s end in 2006. Only one year later, Prepon appeared as Hannah Daniels in the series, "October Road," from 2007 to 2008. Then, for the next few years, she guest-starred in shows like "How I Met Your Mother," "Castle," and "House." In 2012, she starred as the lead, Chelsea, in the short lived comedy series, "Are You There, Chelsea?" But her most prominent work since her Donna days was playing Alex Vause in the smash hit series, "Orange is the New Black," from 2013 to 2019 (via IMDb).

However, since her "OITNB" days, she's been focusing on her family. In 2018, she married X-Men star, Ben Foster, and now has two adorable children, Ella and a baby boy whose name has never been disclosed (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Wilmer Valderrama went into voice acting

Like his former co-star Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama has never left the small screen. Soon after "That '70's Show"'s end, Valderrama started voice acting in children's shows like "Handy Manny" and the animated adult comedy, "Murder Police." While he's mainly guest-starred in crime shows and thrillers, Valderrama starred as Carlos Madrigal in "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" and Nick Torres in "NCIS" (via IMDb).

As for his personal life, Valderrama has made headlines with his star-studded dates such as Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Ashlee Simpson, and most notably, his on-again, off-again relationship with Demi Lovato (via Who's Dated Who). Lovato and Valderrama made headlines with their controversial relationship, due to the 12 year age difference and shocking breakup (via The Things). However, it seems that he's finally found love and got engaged to Amanda Pacheco in 2020, and welcomed their first daughter the following year, according to his Instagram.

Mila Kunis was nominated for a Golden Globe

Even twenty years later, Jackie Burkhart is still an absolute icon. And so is the actress who played her. During her time on "That '70s Show," she ended up landing the voice role of Meg Griffin in "Family Guy," which she still does to this day. And, in 2005, she started to guest star in the animated series, "Robot Chicken." Ever since the show's end in 2006, she's been acting in films left and right, such as "Friends with Benefits," the "Bad Moms" series, "The Book of Eli," and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." However, her most prominent role to date was as Lily in the Oscar-nominated film, "Black Swan." Her role ended up getting her a Golden Globe nomination in 2011, and she just keeps on working (via IMDb).

After eight years together, she and Macaulay Culkin ended up splitting up. However, not too long after, she and former co-star Ashton Kutcher ended up tying the knot. It's even more adorable when you realize that Kutcher was actually Mila Kunis's first kiss (via InStyle).

Ashton Kutcher became a humanitarian

Who could resist Ashton Kutcher in the 1990s? He became one of the biggest stars after "That '70s Show," quickly becoming a household name. Like Topher Grace, Kutcher didn't come back to the eighth season, but mainly due to a scheduling conflict with the hit film, "The Guardian" (via Screen Rant). He then went on to star in films such as "No Strings Attached," "Valentine's Day," and "Jobs." Then, in 2011, he switched back to his TV roots and replaced Charlie Sheen in the comedy series, "Two and a Half Men" until 2015. Then, from 2016 to 2020, he starred in the series, "The Ranch," where many of his "That '70s Show" co-stars guest-starred (via IMDb).

In 2005, Kutcher married fellow actress Demi Moore and created a foundation named "Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children." This organization works to address the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography globally, according to their website.

In 2013, Kutcher and Moore ended up finalizing their divorce. However, an unexpected turn of events came in 2012: Kutcher ended up rekindling a romance with his on-screen matchup, Mila Kunis. Three years later, the pair married and now have a child together (via InStyle).

Danny Masterson has been in legal trouble lately

The most heated debate in the "That '70s Show" world was whether or not Jackie should've ended up with Kelso or Hyde. And then she ended up with Fez for some reason? Anyway, Danny Masterson shot to stardom after his "That '70s Show" role, and in the late 2000s, he was in a bunch of films. From "The Chicago 8" to "The Polterguys," he kept a name for himself in Hollywood. Then, from 2012 to 2014, he starred as Milo Foster in the show, "Men at Work," and then became a recurring character in Ashton Kutcher's show, "The Ranch" (via IMDb).

Despite working steadily the past two decades, Masterson's personal life has been anything but steady. In 2004, he started dating Bijou Phillips, and then the two tied the knot in 2011. Soon, they welcomed their daughter into the world on Valentine's Day 2014 (via Heavy).

But, in 2017, five separate women claimed Masterson sexually assaulted them, which he denied. Now something to know about Masterson is that he is a Scientologist, and he's very devoted to the Church of Scientology. Now, after the allegations came out, the women also filed a lawsuit against Masterson and the Church of Scientology for stalking and harassment. In 2021, Masterson pleaded not guilty at the start of the trial and a hearing is set for May 2021 (via Pop Culture).