Here's Why You Should Consider Wearing The Same Style Of Clothes Every Day

You open your closet to get dressed for the day, and it's overflowing with all sorts of seasonal clothing, shoes, and accessories. The clutter and chaos are enough to make you want to close the door on your closet — permanently. But it's kind of frowned upon to walk around outside naked, so you'll need to find a better way to organize your clothing. And that's why you should consider wearing the same style of clothes every day.

If you thought that wearing the same thing day in, day out would be boring, think again. In fact, there are so many benefits to minimizing your wardrobe. Of course, this shouldn't be confused with a capsule wardrobe, which is editing down your clothing to a few select (and sensational) choices (via Who What Wear). The difference is that with a capsule wardrobe, you might rock a frock one day, and a boyfriend blazer the next.

Wearing the same style of clothing isn't a sign of laziness. In fact, many celebs have already opted into the idea of wearing the same style of clothing every single day. And some of them, ironically, are fashion designers. Michael Kors, for one, is famous for wearing black fitted blazers, a black shirt, black pants, and, you guessed it, black aviators (via Yahoo!). Tommy Hilfiger is another designer who told The Times Magazine that his closet is 50 white shirts, 50 chinos, 50 pairs of jeans and 25 pairs of white sneakers," and said: "I'm pretty boring when it comes to clothes" (via Yahoo!).

Here are the benefits of wearing the same style of clothing every day

But if you open your closet and can't figure out what to wear, that's where having the same style of clothing can help. You'll suffer less from decision fatigue, making it one less choice you have to make during the day (per Thrive Global).

And if you want to help Mother Nature, paring down your wardrobe is the way to go. By picking the same style, you'll create less waste. After all, it's estimated that the average person throws away upwards of 70 pounds of clothing and textiles every year (via Vox Magazine). By selecting clothing that you like (and know works for you), you'll have a cleaner closet — and keep unnecessary textiles out of landfills.

Most importantly, by choosing the same clothing, you'll protect your most important resource: Your time. You won't have to flip through your hangers trying to decide on what to wear, which can be totally time-consuming and, let's face it, stressful (via Becoming Minimalist).

And who knows, maybe you'll become a fashion icon known for your signature style. Or, at the very least, you'll finally be able to find that pair of pumps.