The Real Difference Between Gua Sha And Jade Roller

From skincare refrigerators to the latest ingredients making waves, everyone has been stocking up on everything to do with glowy skin. Before the days of skincare-focused TikToks, people would just fend for themselves. Remember the days when everyone used Nivea men's aftershave for primer? And when makeup wipes were used for almost everything? Don't worry, we won't hold it against you. But seriously, TikTok has educated people on skincare tips and tools no one thought about before — the two most popular being a jade roller and a gua sha stone.


Now some swear by jade rollers, while others would go to battle to defend their gua sha stones. And then there's those skincare queens who do both with no sweat. But if you're relatively new to the world of skincare, never fear! We'll break down what each tool is best for, what to take into account when choosing, their origins, and literally everything in between.

A jade roller is best for relaxing and reducing puffiness

A jade roller is a dual-sided roller that you use to apply pressure all around the face. There's a large roller side for bigger areas and a small roller for the little, delicate crevices of your face. The tool has origins in ancient, holistic Chinese medicine, and has gone mainstream in recent years (via Healthline). The process is incredibly simple, since you just roll it all over your face. However, the preferred technique is to start on your neck and then move to your face, all in an upward motion.


Jade rolling not only feels amazing, but it's an easy way to get product to really absorb into your skin, as well as reduce puffiness and help your circulation. However, something to keep in mind is that they're not the sole key to a flawless complexion. Rather, they're an aid to getting product in and soothing your skin. 

A gua sha is best for sculpting and helping circulation

Now a gua sha stone is another form of ancient Chinese skincare, but its use is a bit more complex than a jade roller. In a heart-shaped stone, there's a function for every side. Something to keep in mind during your first few times using the stone is that it'll take you a while to get the hang of it and you'll probably have red marks from the increased circulation, so you need to be gentle throughout. However, it's totally worth it. When you do all of the steps correctly, it's said to tighten your face, invigorate circulation, and boost the effectiveness of your moisturizer. It may also relax tense muscles and best of all, naturally sculpt your face (via Dr. Axe).


So even though there are more steps to follow with a gua sha, it does a lot more than a jade roller. If you decide to use both, consider your needs. Use a jade roller for relaxation and helping products absorb better into your skin. And use a gua sha stone for sculpting, releasing tension, and tightening. Think about what you're trying to achieve and then choose your tool accordingly.