Simple Ways To Style Your Hair While Wearing A Hat

According to Byrdie, searches for hat-friendly hairstyles are up by 208% on Pinterest, so if you're thinking about donning a hat this summer, you're not alone. It's clear, hats are back – and in a very big way. Whether it's a beanie, beret, fedora, or sunhat, hats can help you stay stylish, while also keeping you cool. 


As per Cosmopolitan, the truth is that hats are the perfect accessory; they're practical – offering sun protection and covering up greasy or unruly locks – and the right hat can instantly overhaul any look.

That said, while hats are a great accompaniment to almost any outfit, knowing how to style your hair to pair with a hat is not always a simple task, is it? You want to find a way to style your hair that allows it to pair seamlessly with your hat of choice, while also being comfortable to wear, and stylish, of course. 

What are some hat-inclusive hairstyles that you should try? Let's find out!

Hatspiration: how to wear your hair while sporting a hat

According to Byrdie, a blunt bob can look great with a hat, just make sure to create a slightly more textured, tousled look to ensure that the hat doesn't overshadow your hairstyle underneath. Cosmopolitan suggests pulling longer hair – or mid-length hair – into two fishtail pigtails. Fishtail pigtails offer a more adult, chic take on the pigtails that you may have worn as a child or teen, and go perfectly with a summer hat. Plus, they keep your hair tidy and out of the way. 


As per Byrdie, for the perfect hat and updo combination, opt for a low ponytail or a loose chignon, and don't forget to accessorize the look with your favorite hoop earrings. As per Cosmopolitan, for a hot day where you want to get your hair away from your face, consider pulling your tresses into a messy tuck bun at the nape of your neck.

Byrdie suggests that for long hair, opt to wear your hat of choice with hair that features loose beachy waves. For a perfect summer-friendly look, a sun hat or baseball cap teamed with long tousled waves can look wonderfully chic and on-trend, as well as being ideal for keeping the sun off your face. For a boho look, a French braid crown could be the perfect way to wear your hair. It might be a fiddly look to achieve but it's the perfect summer accompaniment to your hat of choice.