Inside Chrishell Stause And Christine Quinn's Fight On Selling Sunset

The realtors of the Oppenheim Group went from posing next to homes in magazine ads to starring in Netflix's "Selling Sunset." Led by producer of "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," Adam DiVello, the show follows the Oppenheim realtors in a typical day, selling the most luxurious homes in Los Angeles. Following a successful Season 3, the show was renewed for two more, with Season 4 filmed during the pandemic (via House Beautiful). But "Selling Sunset" is more than just pretty houses. Viewers have witnessed smiles, drama, great sales, and feuds — including the ongoing troubled relationship between Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn

The feud between the two began in Season 1, after Stause beat out Quinn on a million-dollar deal. Later on, Quinn confronted Stause for questioning another team member's relationship with a man 12 years younger (via Elle). This resulted in Stause blocking Quinn on social media, and, as we see in the following seasons, their relationship gets worse.

Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn aren't friends

In Season 2, Christine Quinn had her engagement party, but Chrisell Stause declined the invitation. Realtor Mary Fitzgerald, who was also engaged, threw a bachelorette party and invited Stause but not Quinn, increasing tensions. Season 3 showcased Stause's divorce and Quinn talking behind her back about it. The season ended with Stause leaving Quinn's wedding reception after being questioned about her divorce, per Elle.

In March 2021, Quinn announced she's expecting her first child. She made a TikTok of an Instagram post and searched for her team members' names in the "likes," but she didn't find any. Quinn later told People that Fitzgerald, Amanza Smith, and Davina Potratz did reach out to congratulate her and show support.

However, Quinn didn't hear from Stause. "I don't have a relationship with her," Quinn told People. "I feel like at this point, I've put in the effort, I feel like I gotten bitten one too many times." Stause said she congratulates her co-star but doesn't want to continue their relationship either. "Listen, I wish her well. It came up on my feed [on a news outlet's account], I liked it. I'm happy for her. I truly want the best for her, but I'm not going to do this performative act to unblock someone and then like a post," Stause said.

While it seems that the two aren't on speaking terms, we'll have to wait and see how things unfold on Season 4 of "Selling Sunset."