The Stars Of Shadow And Bone: Who Are Their Significant Others In Real Life?

Netflix's latest fantasy adventure series "Shadow and Bone" has garnered a strong fandom and good reviews in only a few weeks after its release. The show is an adaptation of the bestselling "Grishaverse" novels by young adult author Leigh Bardugo. The fantasy world takes it name from the "grishas," which are people with special abilities that allow them to manipulate the things around them -– a power pretty similar to magic (via Ars Technica). 

For this TV adaptation, the author worked with showrunner Eric Heisserer to merge her trilogy "Shadow and Bone" with her duology "Six of Crows" and create a new compelling story that added depth to the character storylines (via Insider). The cast features some veteran faces, such as British actor Ben Barnes and Zoe Wanamaker, alongside rising stars like lead Jessie Mei Li and Archie Renaux. Love is a central theme of the show, and the love triangle between Barnes', Li's, and Renaux's characters is at the forefront. However, it seems that off-screen, many of the show's actors aren't pursuing romantic relationships, as Amita Suman and Kit Young appear to be single (via Popbuzz). Here's what we know about the dating lives of the stars of "Shadow and Bone."

Ben Barnes has been linked to Julianne Hough

Ben Barnes came to prominence after playing Prince/King Caspian in "The Chronicles of Narnia," which was a dream role for the actor as he was a huge C.S. Lewis fan, he revealed in an interview with SF Gate. He later had the lead role in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and became a main cast member in the TV shows "Westworld" and "The Punisher" (via IMDb). In "Shadow and Bone," Barnes plays grisha leader General Aleksander Kirigan, also known as The Darkling. 

Throughout his career, the 39-year-old actor has been romantically linked with British actress Tamsin Egerton, as well as Meganne Young of "The Kissing Booth", per Bustle. This year, there were rumors that Barnes was dating Julianne Hough after the duo was spotted multiple times taking walks together around Los Angeles, but a close source informed People that they have been friends for eight years, but they aren't dating. It seems that the British actor is single at the moment.

Archie Renaux keeps his family life private

Archie Renaux had his TV breakthrough in 2019 when he portrayed Leo Day in the BBC production "Gold Digger" alongside Ben Barnes, per BBC. This year, he made it to the big screen next to Lily-Rose Depp in "Voyagers," a sci-fi film following a group of young adults in a twisted mission to colonize a new planet (via Lionsgate). Renaux will also be in the upcoming Marvel film "Morbius" starring Jared Leto, according to IMDb. In "Shadow and Bone," the 23-year-old British actor plays Malyen Oretsev, Alina's best friend and platonic love interest (via Decider).

While Renaux is really private about his love life and doesn't have any photos of a partner on his Instagram account, he apparently has a girlfriend named Annie (via Distractify). Renaux posted an Instagram story for Valentine's Day in 2020 showing him and Annie smiling on a train (via Twitter). Months later, in October, the couple welcomed their first child, Iris, and Renaux shared a cute photo lying in bed next to his newborn, per Popbuzz.

Jessie Mei Li is dating a mystery man

Jessie Mei Li, aka Alina Starkov, is apparently dating someone, but if you're hoping for a name, face, or other details, you might be disappointed. According to Celebs in Depth, Jessie  — who's been open about her ADHD diagnosis — has a boyfriend who has autism. "She was diagnosed with ADHD at age 24, and that the diagnosis 'answered many life long questions, and I feel like I'm finally understanding myself,'" per PopSugar.

The actress doesn't share much of her life on social media, but her special someone has recorded videos of Jessie. Per Celebs in Depth, Jessie and her boyfriend have been together "for sometime now." Although she's not ready to share him with the world just yet, anyone who was hoping that she was single will have to accept that she's taken, even if we don't know the identity of the mystery man just yet.

Zoe Wanamaker is happily married

Known for her role as Susan Harper in the British sitcom "My Family," Zoe Wanamaker is a staple in British productions. You might recognize her from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" as Madam Hooch. Besides her work on screen, Wanamaker has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre, and has received four Tony nominations, according to Express

The 71-year-old American-British actress plays Baghra, Alina's teacher and The Darkling's mother. She was unaware of the book series before taking the role, but she soon got hooked thanks to the strong support from the "Grishaverse" fandom, according to The Independent.

When it comes to her love life, Wanamaker has been married to actor and playwright Gawn Grainger since 1994 (via The Sun). Grainger said in an interview with Be Bolder that he met his wife on a film set. "Her dad was very unwell at the time and he found it difficult to ask his three daughters for certain things so she asked me to help out. Our relationship blossomed from there, which was wonderful for me," he told the outlet.