Getting Fired May Have Been The Best Thing That Happened To Hannah Berner

Hannah Berner from "Summer House" is no stranger to competition. While fans quickly learned she is all about winning, she has had some losses in her personal career too. The Brooklynite grew up playing competitive tennis with her father as her coach, and she eventually went on to play for the University of Wisconsin. The loud-mouth comedian has dabbled in everything from video producer to writer and even tried her hand at directing, editing, and acting in comedy videos (via LinkedIn).

Fans are split down the middle on whether or not Berner had a successful season on the reality show this year. She is currently being roasted by her roomies on the reunion (per Cheat Sheet). But Bravo fans have fallen in love with the Hamptons and watching these young professionals navigate the business world and the choppy waters of their love lives. But don't worry, there is nothing a lobster roll and Loverboy can't solve.

Hannah got her big break after she was let go

Berner once revealed to The Kerplunk that one of her biggest achievements in life was when she quit her desk job, telling readers, "I think my biggest accomplishment was quitting my marketing desk job at 25 with nothing lined up to start making comedy videos. 2 years later, I had my first live comedy show at Caroline's on Broadway, and I feel like I'm finally doing what makes me happy."

It was only after quitting her dreaded nine-to-five that she could start expressing herself. The reality star started freelancing with Betches Media as their video producer, where she was able to create her own creative voice (per Nicki Swift). But her new job didn't last long, since she was actually fired! Berner revealed that she was able to learn how to write witty memes and sassy tweets. Apparently, this is where she got her knack for her own Twitter account and her podcast called "Berning in Hell." But don't cry for the Bravo personality — since it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

The whole world is a stage for Hannah

The funny girl moved on to bigger and better aspirations, including the sleeper hit "Summer House!" The athlete realized that her time was up with the media group and revealed in her interview with Nicki Swift that she had outgrown the job saying, "I was like, 'Well, this is the universe telling you there's more.' I realized, 'Oh, instead of pitching brand partnerships for a massive company and you're not getting paid a lot, you could do that for yourself.'"

Currently, Berner is fighting a one-sided war with most of her co-stars after her online humor found her in trouble for some insensitive remarks (via E!). But the podcast host is looking toward the future and is constantly rolling with the punches thanks to her quick thinking and fiancé, Des Bishop (via People). Fans will surely see Berner back for Season 6, thanks to the immense drama she brought this season. In the end, all the brunette wants to do is "just go where I feel the buzz is, the creativity. I just love trying to connect with people over humor."