Here's What A Lily Tattoo Really Means

There are many things you should know before you get a tattoo. You can get tattoos anywhere on your body, including tattooed eyebrows, but you always want to ensure you know what the tattoo you're getting means. After all, there are some tattoos that artists are tired of seeing, presumably because people get them too often without understanding them.

Flower tattoos are naturally fairly popular. Most common is the rose, which has been adapted into countless tattoo designs over the years. However, lilies are on the rise and being tattooed more. The name lily is Hebrew and Egyptian in origin, and names today such as Susan and Suzette also mean lily (via Bloom & Wild). With Lily becoming a popular name for girls across the globe, it's no surprise that this flower would begin being tattooed more and more.

If you're inspired to get a tattoo in the popular floral design, here's exactly what a lily tattoo means.

A lily tattoo can have a variety of meanings

Where rose tattoos symbolize passion, elegance, and love, lily tattoos represent partnerships and femininity. Moreover, the Ancient Greeks believed that the first lily flowers were born from Hera's milk. Because of this, they also represent mothers and motherhood (via Pacho Tattoo). With these meanings, we can see lily tattoos being the perfect matching tattoos for mothers and daughters, or even just a mother wanting to show her pride in motherhood or a daughter wanting to show love to her mother.

These tattoo meanings make perfect sense with the symbolism of the lily flower itself. While lilies of different colors carry different symbolic meanings, they generally represent purity and fertility. Lilies' colors get more specific, too (via Bloom & Wild). White lilies, for example, symbolize rebirth, while pink lilies symbolize femininity, and red lilies, like roses, symbolize love. No matter the color, though, you can't go wrong with a lily tattoo because their meanings are all rooted in life, love, remembrance, and the authentic bond between mother and child. 

No matter what kind of tattoo you get, make sure you take care of it so that it properly heals and continues to look good forever.