The Real Reason Wet N Wild's Cosmetics Are So Cheap

Los Angeles-based cosmetics company Wet n Wild is known for their affordability and the quality of their products — the best of both worlds, right? Established in 1979, Wet n Wild has always been affordable, and they've proven that quality does not have to be sacrificed for an affordable price. Furthermore, their products are cruelty-free, and as a company they are inclusive of all people, including those of various races, ages, genders, and sexual orientations.

In fact, of their affordability, Wet n Wild says that their "products have always, always been some of the best-priced on the market and it's not like we use different materials to make them than our competitors" (via Wet n Wild's website). What's more, Wet n Wild's lipsticks proved to have the least lead content out of a test of over 400 lipsticks. This shows that Wet n Wild is truly committed to the quality of their products and that they care about their customers.

Wet n Wild has created quite the name for their company, but it still begs the question — how do they remain so affordable? 

This is why Wet n Wild is affordable

As a drugstore brand of makeup, Wet n Wild is accessible to nearly everyone. Because of this, they have been able to create a user base that is not only large, but also broad. It appears that their affordability is directly tied to their connection with their users. Like any other makeup company, they hire celebrities for endorsements and photo campaigns, but they also listen to feedback from their customers and create makeup tutorials to help their customers best use their products (via Wet n Wild's website).

With this level of connection, they have likely garnered enough of a loyal user base that allows them to maintain lower prices due to their products consistently selling. Without this user base, they would most likely have to raise prices to maintain profits. Still, Wet n Wild has been called underrated for its quality (via Allure). Consumers may be wary to try something so affordable, but with Wet n Wild, it appears they have put their all into the trust between brand and user.

"It's the perfect example of how greatness can be right under your nose," Allure noted. "Along with the brand's high-quality permanent collections, its seasonal releases are very trend-driven and they're able to turn out products responding to what we're all excited about." So you heard it here, Wet n Wild products have to be in your makeup collection. Just remember to take care of your skin, and you'll be golden.