What Travis Barker's Body Language Reveals In His Pics With Kourtney Kardashian

While celebrity relationships — particularly those in which every single moment either plays out on a reality television series or is documented on social media — seem to have the lifespans of mayflies, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been Instagram-official since February of 2021, and he even added her name to his profusion of tattoos. From the outside perspective, it seems safe to assume all's well with the new twosome right now.

Why assume, though, when you can analyze, or enlist an expert to do so? The List called upon relationship coach Nicole Moore, creator of the Love Works Method, to get her take on the happy couple. After analyzing a few of their (numerous) Instagram pictures, Moore asserted that Kardashian won't have to sign up for a "how to find your dream man" program anytime soon. As things stand right now, it seems her current squeeze suits her just fine.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian have great chemistry

One thing you can't help but notice about Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian is that they have been staging a LOT of PDA pics, though some (including Barker's ex) have been wondering if the lovebirds aren't trying a bit too hard. Relationship coach Nicole Moore, however, told us that she thought "these two aren't faking it for the cameras" even though romance can equal Instagram likes. Instead, she asserted that they're simply demonstrating an "insanely high level of sexual chemistry."

As evidence, Moore cited one of Barker's Instagram pics showing the couple making out on a couch — in front of an audience, evidently, since none of their four hands holds a phone. Rather than speculating on who could have taken the picture, Moore read their body language and said it "shows that the couple is extremely comfortable with one another and very close" and that both participants "are full[y] in the moment and fully present with one another." 

Yet another pic, shared on Kardashian's Instagram, shows the two smooching in a desert. Moore pointed out that in this photo (also likely shot by a third party), the couple are again "wrapped up in each other quite literally," but here Barker is standing up and holding Kardashian to "fully support" her entire body. "Perhaps one of the reasons this couple's sexual chemistry is so high is that Travis provides a strong masculine support for Kourtney, enabling her to feel safe enough to let her guard down and just be soft," Moore said. 

Travis Barker makes Kourtney Kardashian feel safe and supported

While some of Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's pics are obviously going for "hot," relationship coach Nicole Moore does see some indications that sex isn't always first and foremost in their minds, or at least not in Kardashian's. Moore looked at an Instagram video of the two attending a UFC fight, and while Barker was sucking on Kardashian's fingers, Moore pointed out that she didn't respond like she was turned on, but rather "smile[d] like a schoolgirl as he's doing it." She went on to explain that Kardashian "crinkles her nose, which is not body language typically associated with sexual chemistry, but rather pure, childlike delight."

In another Instagram photo of Kardashian and Barker hugging, Moore observed "Kourtney ... smashing her body as close as she can into Travis [as] he's kissing her sweetly on the head and her eyes are closed." Kardashian's body language here is something Moore interpreted as being "almost like a little girl getting a hug from a family member she feels safe with." She also saw Barker as being "like an adoring father kissing his daughter on the head." Seeing the couple interacting this way, Moore said, "It appears as if they connect on a level that feels like they are already family."

Travis Barker may be fairly possessive over Kourtney Kardashian

While Kourtney Kardashian may feel safe with Travis Barker, TMZ noted that there were some dark moments in his past relationship history. It seems that one of Barker's traits, which his body language clearly demonstrates, is a tendency to be possessive of his partner. Moore spoke of an Instagram video of the two where Barker has his hand on the back of Kardashian's neck and is pulling her into him. While Moore didn't think this was meant in a harmful way, she nevertheless said the gesture "demonstrates a slight possessiveness ... [and] a feeling of 'she's all mine.'" Moore also found several pictures where Barker is grabbing Kardashian's butt and one where he's grabbing her foot, and explained that these are also indicators that Barker "is energetically staking his claim on Kourtney Kardashian and displaying male dominance."

Overall, though, Moore didn't see anything menacing in Barker's behavior, and offered: "My take on this couple is that they have a real bond that goes far beyond sex and extends into truly feeling like family." As far as Barker's macho man antics go, Moore felt that while he's coming across as both "supportive and dominant," at the same time he's "still remaining sweet and adoring toward Kourtney." Well, let's hope he keeps it that way for his own sake as well as hers — the wrath of an engaged Kardashian clan, after all, would be a fearsome thing to behold.