Pour Coca-Cola Into Your Toilet And Watch What Happens

Coca-Cola is that cool and refreshing drink you have sitting in your fridge. You enjoy it throughout the day or with a meal and it comes in all sorts of flavors like lemon-lime and vanilla. You can have a diet version or the full-sugar version but it's still American as apple pie and also enjoyed throughout the world.


You often hear that Coca-Cola got its start as a headache medicine and that's actually not a myth. It's true. An Atlanta pharmacist named John Pemberton first formulated what is colloquially known as Coke back in 1886 using the coca leaf and extracts from the kola nut that contained caffeine, according to Britannica. He marketed it as a tonic to cure simple ailments, including headaches.

When he sold the rights to the formula just a few years later, the new owner patented it and sold it as the popular beverage it has become today.

A practical use for Coca-Cola you probably never imagined

In recent years, frequent imbibing of Coca-Cola has come under scrutiny as studies have shown that it can erode your tooth enamel, according to Healthline. It's the acid in the Coke that causes tooth decay, but sometimes that acid can have benefits — if you're not drinking it.


In a world where we're constantly looking for natural ways to clean our home, common household items like lemons and vinegar have become go-tos rather than bleach and other disinfectants. It turns out Coca-Cola can do something amazing, as well, according to Today.

Simply pour some Coke around the rims of your toilet and watch it fill up with all that carbonated fizz. Then, let it sit overnight, Today advises. When you go back in the morning, give the toilet a good flush to wash the fizz away and you will see the Coke also washed away the dirt and grime in your toilet bowl.

Thanks to a can of Coke, you have a sparkling clean toilet without having to do the work. Instead, the Coke does it for you.