Laurie Hernandez's TikTok Reveals Her Secret Musical Talent

She's one of the most accomplished gymnasts of our time, but it turns out Laurie Hernandez is actually a multi-talented star. 

On her TikTok account - the athlete who scored both a gold and silver medal at the 2016 Olympics – has been introducing herself to fans in a whole new way, including working on her creative skills. She's not just able to lip sync along to all kinds of different sounds, she's also been brushing up on her music skills.

As a previous "Dancing With the Stars" competitor, she's already demonstrated her ability to move to the beat and bring any song to life. On the show, she and partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy snagged first place and took home the mirror ball trophy after strutting their stuff to songs like "American Girl" by Bonnie McKee, "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson, and "Rise" by Katy Perry. Now that she's joined the new social media site, she's proving that she's a pretty talented singer, too.

Laurie is flexing her singing skills on TikTok

In her videos, the gymnast has been strumming the guitar, showing off her voice, and even sharing her own original lyrics with fans. In one March 2021 video, she channeled Taylor Swift as she poured her heart out in an emotional ballad inspired by her therapy session. "This feels like it has 'Folklore' vibes if produced a certain way," she told fans in the comments, and they couldn't help but agree.

In another clip, she covered Dodie's "Cool Girl," and her followers were blown away. "A woman of many talents! Your voice makes me smile," one fan wrote. Another told her how beautiful she sounded while a third remarked on how much progress the star has made as she continues to hone her skills. "Laurie, I can literally hear your voice improving," they wrote. "You're so good."

As she continues to share her talents, she's getting even more creative with them. In an impromptu collaboration with musician Victoria Canal, she wrote her own lyrics and melody to a piano tune in just five minutes, sharing them with her viewers before she had to run out the door. "Is there anything she can't do?" one commenter asked. It's clear Laurie Hernandez is pretty talented — and that if she wants to make a return to a reality competition show, "The Masked Singer" could be the perfect fit.