The Real Difference Between Henna Brows And Brow Tint

You have probably noticed that eyebrow trends come and go depending on styles currently in favor over the years. The early 2000s brought super skinny brows, which led to overplucking, according to Glamour UK. If you joined in the trend, your brows might be sparse and patchy now, leaving you to constantly filling them in, as big brows are in now. In fact, you might find yourself wanting to highlight every hair you have, which could lead to thoughts of tinting or using henna on them. 

It might be challenging to choose which color technique is the right one for you, though (via Ardour Brow & Lashes). Both processes are semi-permanent and can help darken your hairs while giving the illusion of more fullness in areas where your brows might be patchy or over-plucked. These two brow coloring techniques are not created equal, though. One process makes a more subtle change and lasts less time, while the other creates a longer-lasting, significant change.

Here's who should use henna to color their eyebrows

If your brows need a lot of filling in, then henna might be the choice for you, according to Brown Eyed Girl. Many salons offer both henna and brow tinting. The difference between the two is that henna stains the skin under the hairs for longer, giving you a fuller look for longer (via Ardour Brow & Lashes). If a brow tint leaves staining on your skin at all, it fades within two to three days. However, the staining effect achieved by using henna to darken your hairs stays on your skin for about a week or two (via Brown Eyed Girl).

The amount of time the hairs of your eyebrows stay pigmented is also different. Your color begins to fade with an eyebrow tint around four to six weeks (via Brown Eyed Girl). The plant-based henna color has more extended staying power, lasting about six to eight weeks. The henna formulation also helps strengthen eyebrows and could even restore growth. According to Ardour Brow & Lashes, eyebrow tint offers a subtle natural look, while henna tinting creates a darker, more defined eyebrow. If you are unsure what would work best for you, be sure to discuss it with an eyebrow specialist at your salon.