The One Restaurant Seafood Rule Anthony Bourdain Swore By

Anthony Bourdain was known the world over for his approachability, his sensibility, and his wit, and he knew what he was doing in the kitchen, too. His series "Parts Unknown" not only brought the world together, but also the world to everyone's homes, and his sudden death in 2018 shocked the world that he loved so much. Andrew Zimmern, a chef and friend of Bourdain, called him a "symphony," and we can't think of a better word to describe the energetic and enamorable presence that was Bourdain (via CNN). In fact, he was so loved that a documentary about him is currently in the works.

A chef and writer in addition to a television star, Bourdain left the world innumerable traces of himself, from his television episodes to recipes and articles. Among these are his tips for cooking and eating out at restaurants, including particular diets with which he did not agree. Bourdain took particular interest in how one should approach seafood when eating out, citing one rule by which he would always live.

Continue reading to see just what this rule for eating seafood at restaurants is.

Here's the one catch of the day you may want to avoid

It's a fairly simple rule, really. Bourdain suggested only ordering mussels from restaurants that you know and trust. In fact, Bourdain said that he personally only ordered mussels if he knew the chef that would be preparing them (via Insider). Another chef, Mary Dumont, takes this one step further. She told Insider that she only eats mussels that she herself has prepared because "all it takes is one bad mussel and you're down for the count."

Mussels are delicious in garlic butter or a white wine sauce — and definitely when served with a good crunchy bread to soak up their juices and your broth. However, they are also finicky. If not stored or cooked properly, they can become contaminated and make you very sick. Symptoms after eating contaminated shellfish include abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and a metallic taste in your mouth, among others (via MedlinePlus).

Mussels are some of the easiest shellfish to prepare or store incorrectly, and we trust Bourdain's advice above all else. The lesson we take from this is that if we experience a craving for mussels, we'll just have to have some fun in the kitchen and prepare them ourselves!