Do The Blended Bunch Parents Want Another Baby?

The Shemwells, stars of TLC's "The Blended Bunch," are the latest must-watch family gifted their own reality show due to sheer volume of members. With a combined 11 children total, parents Erica and Spencer definitely have their work cut out for them. Both have been touched by tragedy, Erica's husband died from complications resulting from a cancer diagnosis and Spencer's wife died in a car accident. They subsequently found each other and fell in love, in a real-life fairy-tale of sorts (via Distractify). Season 1 revolved around the Shemwells' struggle to legally adopt each other's children, with the sixth and final episode wrapping up somewhat abruptly.

On their official blog, Erica details the process and why it was so important to them. "We wanted all the kids to know that as their step-parents, we chose THEM. By marriage we became a family and automatically felt the benefits of being a family together. We didn't need to adopt in order for the kids to know we are here for them. But we wanted them to know that even if the other parent wasn't around, that we would still choose them to be a part of our lives," she explained. Legally, it made more sense for the family going forward, too, just in case the worst happens. But, would Erica and Spencer be open to adding any more kids to their already large family?

The Shemwells are open to the idea of having a 12th child

During the Season 1 finale of "The Blended Bunch," stars Erica and Spencer Shemwell briefly discussed the possibility of having another child, this time together. "If you really wanted to have another baby, I would totally be on board, and I would be 100% supportive," Spencer reassured his wife (via Distractify). Erica was definitely interested, acknowledging that having a biological child with her husband might even make her feel more connected to his other children. Erica's outspoken brother, Quinn Kendall, was not impressed with the idea however, describing it as "selfish" and "reckless," which led the Shemwells to confirm they weren't planning to do anything any time soon.

As Distractify notes, Kendall shared during the fifth episode, "This idea of having another baby between each other, it frightens me. It terrifies me. It makes me want to vomit to think that they are even thinking about it. Erica, being a mom of 11 children and being pregnant is on another level. Like, 'You're crazy'." The concerned brother didn't even want the couple to adopt each other's kids, in fact. Another baby would certainly be a lot, particularly considering Spencer already uprooted his four kids from Virginia to Utah. We'll have to wait and see whether the Shemwells do decide to increase their number, with social media giving nothing away, but it certainly seems like a possibility.