These Are The Best Oils For A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Detoxing and keeping your system running smoothly is a wellness trend that seems to be here to stay. From dry brushing to gentle daily massage, various techniques are best to keep your blood — and lymph — moving. For reference, the lymphatic system works as the waste-removal system within the body, carrying toxins and waste out to be released, Medical News Today explains. Various factors may cause this fluid to stay stagnant, leading to various health issues and other side effects.

By performing a lymphatic drainage massage helps stimulate the flow of this fluid and removal of toxic waste. If you're struggling with swelling, whether it's from an injury or a condition like lymphedema, performing these gentle movements can make a big difference in the way that you feel and the level of swelling you experience. Plus, the outlet notes, it helps improve circulation and decongest areas of stagnation. People suffering from chronic stress, indigestion, arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines can all benefit from this type of massage. However, Medical News Today explains, those with blood clots, heart failure, infections, circulation problems or infections should not perform lymphatic drainage massages.

But, if you're looking to up your lymphatic drainage game, the type of oil you choose can actually help spur the flow of lymph — depending on what type you use. Mindbodygreen explains that citrus essential oils are best for this type of treatment.

Use citrus essential oils for lymphatic drainage

There's a reason why your massage therapist asks you which type of scents you enjoy during your massage — they make a difference! As far as lymphatic drainage goes, you can't go wrong with grapefruit oil. Mindbodygreen suggests that it has detoxifying properties that help decongest the lymphatic system and it's been shown to reduce symptoms of lymphedema. Add a few drops to a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba and gently massage for an uplifting self-care addition.

Furthermore, juniper berry oil also promotes movement beneath the skin, the outlet suggests. It's detoxifying properties make for a healthy anti-microbial tincture. You can add to a carrier oil and massage it into sore areas or places where your lymph nodes feel stagnant. Of course, lemon oil also has similar properties that stimulate areas of slower movement. Stimulating and invigorating, lemon oil makes a fantastic ingredient in a body scrub that can spur blood and lymph flow. 

Before you begin your massage, Medical News Today suggests taking a few deep breaths, "pumping" various lymphatic drainage hotspots such as the armpits and around the neck, and gently massaging your skin towards your heart.