What Really Went Down During Steve Carell's 40-Year-Old Virgin Waxing

Steve Carell's long career as a Hollywood funny man has left us in stitches on more than a few occasions. From his infamous "that's what she said ” line muttered on "The Office," to when he held his own playing Brick Tamland with fellow comedians Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy."

Carell definitely has a knack for making all of his characters memorable for decades after their premiere. And this is especially true as Andy Stitzer, the character Steve Carell played in the Judd Apatow classic, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." Of course, Andy's most memorable characteristic is that he was still a virgin at 40 years old. But the scene that still leaves millions of fans hysterically laughing out loud is when Andy decides to get his chest waxed for the first time. And as it turns out, the making of that scene is just as funny as its final cut.

Steve wrote the waxing scene for himself

The best part about this hilarious clip was that Steve Carrell actually wrote this painful physical comedic stunt for himself. He claims he wrote the scene because it would be funny for his fellow actors on the film's set to watch. During a November 2018 interview with "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Carrell explained, "There is no way you can act the horror that you are witnessing, and the joy of watching a man go through something like that."

And boy was he right. He continued, "At one point Romany Malco (who plays Andy's friend Jay) has to leave the scene, because he's so utterly grossed out by the process."

Malco having to walk away wasn't the only glitch in filming that day. The actress who waxed Carell's chest actually lied and said she was proficient at it. Soon after, the crew found out she had only once tried to wax her boyfriend's back before she took the hot wax to Andy's chest for the film.

Who knew that hot wax, a white lie, and a virgin would be the perfect ingredients for such a hilarious scene? But we're happy Carell's physical pain paid off, both for fans even years later and for his fellow actors who were close enough to him on the set that day to smell the hot wax.