Does Gua Sha Really Work To Minimize A Double Chin?

To be frank, a double chin — also known as submental fat — occurs when another layer of fat forms under the chin (via Healthline). It's often something we'd rather get rid of, and there are lots of potential ways to do so, from liposuction to skincare products (via Women's Health). 

However, some are more successful than others — it can be tricky to know what to trust. You might have friends who swear by particular exercises or a nifty make-up hack, but what if you want to give something else a try?

That brings us onto gua sha, a traditional practice originating in ancient China. It's something that Chinese women have practiced for years, and you might have heard that it's good for getting rid of a double chin. Is it true, however? Here's everything you need to know about whether gua sha really does work to minimize a double chin.

Gua sha stimulates your skin

In short, yes. Gua sha can be effective in removing your double chin (via Inspire Uplift). Just make sure that you're practicing it on a regular basis for a number of weeks; it's not something that you can do just once for instant magical results.

All you need is a gua sha tool. Just scrape it gently along your skin — this stimulates circulation, moving stagnant lymph, and clearing it away. Meanwhile, by using a roller alongside your gua sha tool, you can slim your skin by tightening pores and inviting the production of collagen too.

Collagen helps improve elasticity, and the more elastic your skin is, the less likely it'll be to sit under your chin. Even triple chins can be minimized using gua sha, so it's worth trying this natural method before looking towards more drastic solutions — it could be worth giving gua sha a go.