14 Best Sex And The City Kisses

"Sex and the City" has gone down in history as one of the best-loved TV shows ever. The series was centered around the Fab Four of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda as they sought love and happiness in late 1990s New York City. One thing that these pals were good at was dating. So, over the six seasons of the show, there were definitely plenty of romantic storylines to keep viewers entertained. We all remember couples like Carrie and Big, Samantha and Smith, Miranda and Steve, and Charlotte and Harry — this show featured some seriously iconic couples.

If you want to relive some of the most romantic moments in "Sex and the City" history, you've come to the right place. We've collected some of the most memorable kisses from the show that are guaranteed to melt your heart and make you fall in love with these couples all over again.

Miranda and Robert's first kiss at their mailboxes was seriously hot

Even though Miranda and Dr. Robert Leeds didn't ultimately end up together on the show, plenty of fans of "Sex and the City" adored this coupling. The pair meet in Season 6 when he attends a board meeting for Miranda's building, hopeful to move into an apartment. They quickly strike up a relationship, with Robert later inviting Miranda to a Knicks game. When she sees him chatting with a cheerleader, she sulks off. Later, outside the building mailboxes, she asks him if he likes the cheerleader. He replies that he "likes someone else," adding, "You." When Miranda wonders how she was supposed to know about his crush, he says, while kissing her, "Would it be any clearer if I did this?" Steamy!

Even though Miranda eventually chose the reliable Steve, with whom she had an on-again, off-again relationship, as her long-term partner, Robert was a pretty good contender. In fact, he was so popular among fans, Elle dubbed him the second-best boyfriend in the entire show. "Robert Leeds is gorgeous, smart, charming, and successful," the publication wrote. We have to say, we totally agree — no wonder this first kiss by the mailboxes has gone down in "Sex and the City" history.

Samantha and the doorman's spontaneous kiss was sexy and kind of funny

Ok, so Samantha and the doorman were a very, very short-lived couple — nevertheless, we've never forgotten the scandalous kiss a lingerie-clad Samantha shared with the hot young doorman outside of Charlotte's building in Season 1 of "Sex and the City." Even though Charlotte put a drunken Samantha to bed in her own apartment, she still manages to find a last-minute partner for the evening — you've got to love Samantha.

After a few hours in Charlotte's apartment, Samantha goes downstairs and flashes her lingerie, previously concealed beneath her coat, to the doorman, asking for a kiss and inviting him up for some fun. This kiss is the epitome of a spontaneous, meaningless one-night stand — and we are here for it.

Not only is this kiss surprisingly sexy, but it's also pretty hilarious. In fact, it's one of our first glimpses of Samantha's wild side in the whole show. As Elle wrote, this little romantic storyline is "the best comic relief" of the episode. We have to admit — it is pretty funny.

Carrie and Big's first kiss was the perfect way to kickstart their epic relationship

Sometimes, nothing beats a first kiss. Carrie and Big shared their first kiss in Season 1 during their first date. When Big arrives to pick Carrie up, he is blown away by her sexy outfit and can't resist kissing her in the car. In fact, things get so steamy, they never make it to their final destination. Instead, they wind up back at Big's apartment.

While this may not be the most romantic or conventional first date, it certainly was a hot first kiss. Plus, it was perfectly in character for this pair. As Carrie states in a voiceover, "I can't be hemmed in by rules. I go with my emotions."

It turns out the "naked dress" that caused the couple's first kiss is actually pretty famous. Vogue even listed it as one of Carrie's best outfits ever, and, as one fan wrote on Instagram, the dress became a "distinctly '90s phenomenon, embodying the less-is-more ethos of the era and the sexual confidence of the newly liberated '90s woman." This kiss and the outfit that came with it are not something "Sex and the City" fans will forget any time soon.

Miranda's kiss after she proposed to Steve was what we were all waiting for

After Miranda and Steve got back together in Season 6, things started moving pretty quickly for the couple. By Episode 14, they were engaged. The touching proposal saw Miranda popping the question as the pair sat side by side on a café patio. After seeing an old couple bickering, they begin chatting about what they don't want to happen. "I don't want to lose you again," Steve says. Miranda replies, "I don't want to lose you either," before spontaneously adding, "Will you marry me?" After making sure Miranda was for real, Steve says, "Hell yeah," and the pair kiss. What an adorable happily-ever-after!

As Vogue noted, this was one of the best proposals in "Sex and the City" history. The "I don't wanna" game seemed like the perfect way to launch Miranda's casual proposal. "If that isn't peak Miranda and Steve, we're not sure what is," the publication wrote. This is one kissing scene that the writers totally nailed.

Carrie's kiss with Aidan in her doorway was pretty intense

After dating and breaking up with Big twice, marking two "Sex and the City" breakups that left fans devastated, Carrie finally met someone who, on paper, seemed like the perfect guy — Aidan. Aidan with his committed, stable approach was, as Glamour pointed out, the "antithesis of Big." Plus, he was pretty dreamy. Season 3's sixth episode opened with the pair going at it at Carrie's doorway after a date, as she narrates, "After four sublime dates with the furniture designer whose kiss made my knees weak, this New Yorker had waited long enough." But, of course, Aidan wants to wait before "sleeping over." And in many ways, this just made us love him even more.

This kiss was just one of many. As John Corbett, who played Aidan, later told Parade, "Sarah Jessica [Parker] and I kissed a lot on the series. I kissed her on a weekly basis for three months in 2000, and for another three months in 2001." And he always tried to inject some passion into his kissing scenes. As he put it, "When they say, 'Action,' you ... try to make it as real as you can."

Miranda and Steve's sexy laundry room kiss was one we'll never forget

One thing's for sure — we'll probably never forget the super hot kiss shared by Miranda and Steve on top of their washing machine in Episode 7 of Season 3. This scene comes not too long after Miranda finds a pretty vile stain in Steve's underwear, showcasing the not-so-blissful side of domesticity. Luckily, domestic life comes with its ups, too, as their washing machine kiss proves.

While fans totally loved Miranda and Steve, this episode's plotline wasn't the actors' favorite. Even though it eventually led to a steamy kiss, David Eigenberg, who played Steve, was hesitant about this episode. As he told Entertainment Weekly, "I begged them not to do the skid-marks episode. I was like, 'Please, fans are going to be calling me Skid Marks.'" Luckily, their kissing scene seems to have more than made up for it!

Carrie and Aidan's kiss after he said "flaws are the best part" was seriously steamy

Carrie and Aidan were definitely pretty adorable — especially at the beginning of their relationship. One of their best kisses came in Season 3's 12th episode when Aidan spoke about how he wanted to accept and cherish Carrie's flaws. Carrie, who had been having an affair with Big, is trying to find the right way to tell Aidan. As Aidan describes a wooden loveseat he's made for Charlotte and Trey's wedding, he points out a flaw in the wood. Carrie asks, "So flaws can be good?" and Aidan replies, "Flaws are the best part."

If she's anything, Carrie is certainly flawed — remember, she's sleeping with her ex at this point! But Aidan is the kind of guy who's willing to accept her, flaws and all. As Cosmopolitan noted, this was one of his best traits.

The kiss that followed the conversation was super steamy. Plus, it made it pretty clear that Carrie wasn't quite ready to give up Aidan for Big. It's no wonder so many fans were Team Aidan while watching the show.

Carrie and Big's kiss after she tried to cook for him was sweet

As one of the most-loved couples in "Sex and the City," Carrie and Big certainly shared plenty of kisses. One of the most charming and memorable smooches came in Episode 6 of Season 2 when the couple was just getting back into the swing of dating again after breaking up at the end of Season 1. Both seemed happy and excited about the future. As fans of the show know, there would still be a long uphill battle for the couple, but, while it lasted, their second round of dating went pretty well. And after Carrie attempted to cook for Big — something she clearly wasn't accustomed to — the two share a sweet moment.

She feeds him her cheese fondue — the "only recipe I could ever master," she says — and he pretends to enjoy it. Then she has a bit and says, "It's horrible." Big replies, "Can we go to a restaurant now?" And the happy couple kiss, with Carrie wiping her lipstick — or maybe cheese? — off his mouth. Could they be any cuter? 

Even though Carrie's fondue didn't exactly go to plan, we have to admit that her attempt to get domestic for Big was touching.

Miranda's kiss with Steve after she told him she loved him was perfect

While we all loved Robert, he was never the right guy for Miranda. In fact, the right guy for Miranda had been there all along in the form of Steve. While Steve and Miranda weren't an obvious match at first, their feelings for each other made their differences seem inconsequential — and Robert was the one who made Miranda realize that Steve was the right choice. After Robert sent Miranda a cookie with the words "I love you" written on it in icing, Miranda realized she couldn't return the sentiment. However, she could say the words to Steve. So, in Season 6, while at their son's first birthday, Miranda tells Steve she loves him. Of course, he immediately replies, "I love you, too," and the pair share a long-awaited kiss in the laundry room.

As SheKnows wrote of the episode, "This is an episode that just makes you all warm and fuzzy." We have to agree — this lovely, stolen kiss between Miranda and Steve is enough to make you weak at the knees.

Carrie and Big's kiss in bed may have been adulterous but we wanted to see them together

Carrie and Big certainly didn't have an easy relationship. In fact, after they broke up for the second time, Big went and married someone else! However, it turned out that he couldn't put aside his feelings for Carrie. Soon enough, the two were at it again — even though Carrie was with Aidan and Big was still married.

Of course, this affair didn't sit well with many viewers. But for fans of Carrie and Big's relationship, it was more than welcome. Seeing the pair back together again felt pretty good — even if it wasn't particularly wholesome.

In the tenth episode of Season 3, the pair share a memorable kiss in bed. "It all felt so easy and so good," Carrie says in the voiceover. "I was like a moth to the old flame." While you may not approve of their cheating, these two really were perfect for each other.

Samantha and Smith's kiss in the series finale was seriously romantic

Samantha wasn't usually one to settle down in her relationships. In fact, Smith was the boyfriend with whom she had the longest relationship. In the series finale, things were looking pretty bleak for Samantha and Smith. After her libido took a dip due to chemotherapy treatment, Samantha urged the younger Smith to find love elsewhere while filming. However, Smith's feelings for Samantha were clearly too strong. He returns from filming in Canada early after speaking to Samantha on the phone and says, "I flew back ... I forgot to tell you something on the phone. I love you." A few moments later, she tells him, "You have meant more to me than any man I've ever known," and the pair kiss.

As NBC News noted, Smith really was the best possible guy for Samantha. "Samantha's partner, Smith, remains one of the best men on the show. He was attractive, supportive even through her cancer and most of all respectful of her needs and desires at every turn." 

Charlotte and Harry's kiss after he proposed was the perfect happy ending for Charlotte

Charlotte was often portrayed as the most romantic of the Fab Four. Her dreams of settling down with the perfect guy and becoming the perfect wife were made clear pretty much from the first episode. However, in the end, things didn't exactly go to plan. First, Charlotte tied the knot with Trey, a seemingly perfect guy who ended up being the wrong match. However, when Charlotte fell for her divorce lawyer, Harry, she got a second chance at love. Harry wasn't exactly drop-dead gorgeous, but he was, in many ways, the perfect guy. In fact, Elle named him the best boyfriend on the show, praising the fact that he is a "good man who cares about his family."

After the pair broke up briefly, Harry unexpectedly proposed in the most unexpected place — a single's night. "Out of all the synagogues in all the cities, you had to walk into mine," Harry says. Charlotte tells him that she's missed him and that she doesn't care if they ever get married. "Well, that's not good enough," Harry says, before kneeling down and proposing. The two then share a romantic kiss, and Charlotte finally gets her happy ending.

Miranda and Steve's kiss in the rain was like an old Hollywood scene

Few kisses in "Sex and the City" left us swooning quite like Miranda and Steve's dramatic kiss in the rain in Episode 8 of Season 2. After meeting and hooking up in this episode, Steve suggests that they could see where the relationship goes. Miranda, on the other hand, pushes him away. However, she quickly changes her mind, chases after him, and kisses him in the pouring rain.

As David Eigenberg, who played Steve, said in an interview for the book "Sex and the City and Us," this scene was one of his favorites. Of course, as Michael Patrick King, one of the show's producers, said, the scene was expensive as they had to make it rain on set. But it was worth it as "we had to melt her with the rain," as King put it. And as Miranda's no-nonsense approach melted away, we totally melted with her. This kissing scene has to be one of the best in the show's history.

Big and Carrie's kiss after he told her she's "The One" was the fairytale ending we all wanted

Everyone loves a good happy ending — and in "Sex and the City," fans had to wait a long, long time before the central couple got theirs. Carrie and Big were the ultimate on-again, off-again couple. In fact, they broke up multiple times over the course of the show. Despite Big's difficulty in committing to Carrie, fans were still desperate to see the pair get together. Finally, in the show's final episode, it happened.

Carrie had been living in Paris with her new boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky. She finally realizes that he isn't the one for her just in time for Big to arrive to sweep her off her feet and say the words we'd all been waiting to hear: "Carrie, you're the one." Carrie grins and says, "Kiss me, you big crybaby." The pair kiss as the music swells — it's the romantic ending we'd all been waiting for.

As Bustle noted, this romantic ending was in many ways the perfect finale: "Carrie realizes that no man is worth giving up her character, and she was absolutely more herself with Big than she was with any of her other boyfriends."