Extreme Sisters' Brooke And Baylee Reveal Their Biggest Challenges - Exclusive

Most siblings have had their share of challenges, whether that means simple dramas like arguments over shared clothes to more intense, life-altering moments like divorce or death. But do the sisters on TLC's newest reality series "Extreme Sisters" have more or even bigger challenges than other siblings? That's one of the ideas the show plans to explore in its premiere season. Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, spoke about the sisters on the show, telling Discovery that "Their sibling kinship brings the meaning of sisterhood to a whole other level!" These relationships will also bring new meaning to family challenges. 


Like Brooke and Baylee, aka The Candaces. These extreme sisters have a one-of-a-kind bond that involves a lot of sharing — sharing underwear, toothbrushes, and a bed, and even a name, as per Fox News. But sadly, as they revealed to The List in an exclusive interview, they've also shared many challenges.

Brooke and Baylee from Extreme Sisters have extreme fights

No one can deny that Brooke and Baylee have an extreme relationship. But, as they told The List, this also means they have extreme fights. "When we get together, we love each other so deeply," Brooke revealed. "But at the same time our personalities do clash ... the thing about sisters is you guys can get in like the most toxic, psycho fights." Like the time Brooke "literally punched Baylee in the face." As Baylee tells it: "It was right after she had [daughter] Ace. And she wanted me to watch Ace for five seconds and I had a friend with me and I was like, I have got to take him to his car first and then I'll watch Ace, like no big deal."


Apparently Brooke didn't like that answer as her response was to be filled with "rage," grab her sister by the hair, and sock her in the eye. "I didn't bleed, but it hurt so bad, instant tears. I went right out the door," Baylee went on. "I remember my friend was like, 'Are you okay?' and I went to take out the trash. I never take out the trash. I just needed a minute because I was like, 'I'm about to start crying.'"

But, as evidenced by that dramatic moment, Brooke and Baylee always forgive one another. "She came home and we were fine," Brooke said. "So yeah, you just have to get over it. You say to your sister, 'Hey, you want to go out to eat?' Like, you're fine."

The Candaces have dealt with a lot of hate because of their bond

Of course, like many other sisters on "Extreme Sisters," the Candaces have dealt with a lot of pushback, teasing, and even hate because of their special relationship. As Baylee told The List, they were very nervous about sharing their story so openly with the world. In fact, the younger sister won't even read the comments on the show page or her social media. "I just have been not looking at stuff," she revealed. "Just for my mental sake."


Brooke, on the other hand, had a more "naysayers be damned" attitude, saying, "We totally expected it. I feel like when you expect it and you know, like, okay, people are going to have stuff to say regardless, it doesn't matter if we were like, the poster child sisters, like they're going to have something to say." The elder sister even finds some of the hate and backlash entertaining — especially the naughtier comments. "Somebody commented on my Instagram recently, 'Get your sister out of your bed! He wants to clap them cheeks.' And I think that's funny. I'll send my husband these like screenshots. And I'm like, 'This is good stuff.'"

Besides finding the humor, the Candaces also get through the negativity by sticking together. "People are going to have stuff to say ... and that truly does not affect who we are or the relationship that we have," Baylee proclaimed. "We know who we are. And you know, we also have a really strong relationship with God. So, we find our worth in that."


It's all about sisterly love in TLC's new series "Extreme Sisters," new episodes airing Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.