Here's What It Means When You Dream About Mirrors

Have you ever woken up from a deep sleep and been a little confused about what your subconscious churned out in the form of a dream? Maybe you've been dreaming the same dream on several occasions in a short time span, and you're starting to wonder why. Perhaps you had a sneaking suspicion that your dream might have meant something specific to you. As it turns out, the images and themes you see in your dreams do have significant meanings, and if you're having recurring dreams, Psychology Today reports that this often points to some form of unresolved conflict in the dreamer's life.

A common theme of dreams is seeing mirrors. If you've been seeing mirrors in your dreams, it might be time to take a second look at what that might mean for you. There are several explanations and beliefs regarding what a mirror can represent, and the meaning is often quite literal.

Mirrors represent a reflection of the self

It should come as no surprise that the presence of mirrors in your dreams calls for a time of personal reflection (via Body And Soul). If you're looking in the mirror, you're dreaming of a subconscious representation of yourself, according to The Circle. The Circle notes that looking in the mirror and staring at yourself for an extended period of time may be showing you your need for self awareness, as well as signify that there are things about yourself that you don't quite understand. 

Dreaming about seeing yourself in the mirror can have a positive or negative connotation, reports Dream Bible. To stare at yourself in a positive light may reflect a desire for self-improvement or a positive change in your self image. Similarly, if you are putting on makeup in the mirror, you may be recognizing positive change in yourself. Viewing yourself negatively is said to signify negative feelings such as insecurity or jealousy (via Dream Bible).

The condition of the mirror is significant

Then condition of the mirror in your dream may also hold significance, says Mirror Doors Direct. Some common conditions you'll see are a broken mirror, a mirror that's been steamed up, or a dirty mirror.

While you may associate broken mirrors with a seven-year streak of bad luck in waking life, the same doesn't hold true for dreams. According to Mirror Doors Direct, a broken mirror can point to a need to let go of negative thoughts about yourself or your less-than-desirable habits, as well as a distorted self-image.

When looking into a steamed-up mirror, you'll notice that you can't see your reflection very well. When this occurs in a dream state, you may be experiencing a source of confusion in your life. The Circle cites significance in the idea that the answers necessary to clear up that confusion may not be readily available to you in your current state.

When your mirror is dirty in your physical world, it probably inspires an immediate desire to remove the unsightly dirt. Similarly, a dirty mirror in a dream can signify your need to let go of something that you've been allowing to hold you back, such as vices and habits.

What the type of mirror means

In addition to the condition of the mirror holding significance, the type of mirror you're seeing in your dreams can tell you a bit about what's going on in your subconscious as well. If you're dreaming about mirrors, you might want to take into account if you're seeing a standard bathroom mirror, a hand mirror, a rearview mirror, or a dentist's mirror (via Mirror Doors Direct).

Looking at yourself in a bathroom mirror is a signal to be focused on yourself. You may need to concentrate on developing a self-care routine as well as focusing on your personal needs and desires.

Mirror Doors Direct also notes the significance of hand mirrors as a sign that your insecurities are coming into play as you self reflect, causing you to focus too heavily on the opinions of others.

As with driving while you are awake, a rearview mirror in a dream signifies a look at what's behind you. This may be your brain's way of telling you that you're spending too much time focused on your past, notes the site.

Most people feel a certain level of anxiety in regards to seeing the dentist, so it's no shock that the presence of a dentist's mirror in your dreams can point to a feeling of insecurity and your inability to trust your significant relationships.

Is someone else in the mirror?

As with any dream, you may not be the only person present in your dream about mirrors. So, what is the significance of seeing another person there with you? This may depend on whether or not you recognize the face in the mirror with you. The Circle reports that if you don't recognize the other person in your dream, it may reflect a recent personal change or a lie you're telling to yourself about the way you are. If you do recognize the person, it may mean that you're letting this person have influence over your identity.

There may be a reason to look into an even deeper significance in the presence of a familiar face while dreaming. The Circle notes the possibility of that person's consciousness attempting to communicate with your own. If the person is no longer in the physical realm, it is said that they may be attempting to communicate from beyond.

The importance of dream journaling

If you find yourself having a recurring dream about mirrors, it might be time to start keeping a dream journal. As reported by Alls Well Home, writing down your dreams can act as an aid in facing your unresolved issues in waking life rather than in the form of a dream. As Everyday Health reports, you begin to forget your dreams approximately 90 seconds after waking up, so it's best to keep a dream journal by your bed and record your memories immediately upon waking. 

Psychology Today cites the option to begin a dream journal at any point by making note of any past dreams you can remember. This can help you recognize patterns and deepen your ability to recall future dreams. While dreams can be elusive and confusing, it is always wise to spend a little time reflecting on what your subconscious is trying to tell you. You might learn something about yourself.