Here's What A Tulip Tattoo Really Means

If you like tulips and tattoos, it's conceivable that you might decide to put the gorgeous flower on your skin as a permanent tribute. According to Tattoos Wizard, floral tattoos have a rich history, and the tattoo trend remains popular in Western culture. These gorgeous tattoos can help you express your characteristics or an ideal you hope to attain (via Tattooseo).

The great news is, if you want a tulip tattoo, you can choose from nearly any style and color scheme you can imagine — as long as you find a competent tattoo artist. Besides being colorful and looking fabulous on your skin, a tulip tattoo might also carry a more profound meaning, depending on precisely what you choose (via Tattooseo).

Tulips originally came from Persia, according to Tattoos Wizard. Merchants brought the popular flower to Europe in the 16th century, later causing a "tulip mania" in the Netherlands because people clamored to get their own. Europeans mistakenly called the flower a tulip, which means turban, because Persian women wore them in their turbans (via Tattooseo). Throughout history, people have gone to great lengths to get the beloved flower.

Different colors can change the significance of a tulip tattoo

Tulips could be called the "just right" flower — they're not too big or too small, not too romantic or too unromantic, not too formal or too casual (via Tattooseo). Tulips are most commonly associated with perfect love (via Pro Flowers), but have also been thought to symbolize rebirth, as they are one of Spring's first flowers to bloom. In Victorian England, tulips were associated with charity and chivalry (via FTD). Tulips are so much a part of The Netherlands that they are the country's national flower (ABC Flora).

Different colors can also change the significance of a tulip tattoo. A purple version of the flower symbolizes royalty. A pink tulip signifies happiness and confidence, while yellow tulips symbolize sunshine and cheerfulness. White tulips symbolize forgiveness, and red tulips indicate passion and more romantic feelings (via Pro Flowers, FTD). Before getting the ink, research the hue to achieve the meaning you desire.