Here's What A Daisy Tattoo Really Means

With a quick search on Pinterest, you can find a variety of designs for floral tattoos. Flowers are aesthetically attractive, commonly colorful, and with so many varieties having unique symbolic meaning, people often choose them for permanent body art (via The Trend Spotter). The two main reasons a person chooses a tattoo, according to Tattoo Wizard, is the meaning behind it and the way it looks, and this is what makes floral designs so popular.

The daisy happens to be a common choice for body ink, as it can be a discreet tattoo on it's own, or be woven into a more intricate design. Tattoo Wizard reports that the daisy is a good choice for someone who is looking for a "cute and classy" piece. The Trend Spotter suggests the daisy tattoo is connected to loyalty, love, and luck, and can be a tattoo worthy of honoring someone special. 

Depending on the symbolism or representation you are going for, the color and design of the daisy matters.

Hidden meanings of the daisy tattoo

You may be spiritually intrigued by the alignment of the stars, and birth dates and times, which may  prompt you to weave the daisy into a tat that involves the Zodiac. And while it's no secret that the daisy is April's birth flower, it may surprise you to know that innocence and loyalty are a representation of the delicate daisy. According to Inked, if you revere the traits virtue and purity, the daisy is an excellent choice of tattoo.

The color of the flowers petals also hold significance (via Flower Meanings). You may get matching yellow daisy tattoos with your bestie, as it represents friendship and joy. White signifies innocence, purity, and spirituality, and can be a good choice to honor a child. According to The Style Up, pink daisy petals signify femininity and gentleness, while red means love and passion. 

There is an interesting theory of the flower's significance in Celtic legends. It was believed that the Gods would leave daisies around the grave area of loved ones in consolation, making the daisy a good choice for a tattoo in remembrance of someone (via The Trend Spotter).