Here Are The Colors You Should Use If You're Decorating A Comforting Space

Ever hear of a "green room" in theater? It's the room performers wait in before they go on stage, and while some joke it's called "green" because that's the color of nauseatingly-nervous actors' faces, it actually refers to the color such a room has often been painted: green (via Mental Floss). Why? The same reason hospital waiting rooms are often some soft shade of green; it is known to have a soothing effect on human emotions (via Very Well Health). In fact, green is associated with nature, compassion, healing, and calm. 

The psychology of color is fascinating an illuminating; there is a reason we often ask someone what their favorite color is when we are first getting to know them. Colors evoke certain emotions, ideas, and moods. According to True Value, while "reactions to color can be subjective," meaning we each have colors we like and don't like, "generally, certain types of colors produce particular responses." So if you are trying to create a calming or comforting space, there are colors more suited to your goals than others. 

The best colors to use when creating a relaxing space

While some warm colors like reds and oranges are often seen as energizing, cooler colors like greens and blues are said to be more relaxing and calming (via True Value). So if you are planning to create a space that is meant for relaxation, meditation, or creative pursuits, you may want to lean toward something in the green, blue, or purple direction. Blue evokes the ocean and the sky, two elements that we humans tend to find soothing, expansive, and healing (via Oberlo). Green, meanwhile, evokes grass, trees, and the natural world. Purple is said to inspire creativity (via True Value) and it is also associated with spirituality (via Oberlo).

When decorating your space, you could also consider crystals or stones of similar color to that of your paint color, or ones that are known to hold certain properties associated with the feeling or use of the room you are creating. For instance, Turquoise is said to be a healing stone that can benefit the skeletal, muscular, and respiratory systems (via Healthline). While Amethyst, which is usually purple in color, is said to be protective, purifying, and healing. It is used to calm the mind, relax the nervous system, and promote healthier rest and sleep along with happier dreams. 

So whatever type of calming, relaxing space you are trying to create, using the right color in your decorating can go a long way to achieving the feeling you're looking for.